Geo 5 Chapter 15

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  1. What does fluvial indicate?
    Running water.
  2. What do deltas, flood plains, and levies all have?
    Depositional features
  3. What does Eolian mean?
    Work of wind.
  4. What three things does wind do?
    Erode, transport, and deposit.
  5. What do eolian processes not affect? What are some examples?
    Areas covered in vegetation, such as the tropics and tundras.
  6. What are the wind erosion processes?
    Blowout depressions, deflation hollows, and desert pavement.
  7. Define deflation.
    The removal and lifting of individual loose particles by eolian process.
  8. What is a blowout depression?
    A basin that formed when deflation removed enough material.
  9. What is desert pavement?
    A surface that has had loose sediment blown away and has been smoothed down by water to resemble a cobblestone street.
  10. In what places do sand dunes appear?
    In places where wind gets obstructed.
  11. Define denudation.
    All processes that cause reduction or rearrangement of landforms.
  12. What are the only places that alluvial fans are found?
    Arid environments.
  13. What is a bajada?
    A series of alluvial fans that have grown together.
  14. What is a playa?
    A dry lake bed.
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