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  1. characteristics of an organizational culure
    • innovation and risk taking
    • attention to detail
    • outcome orientation
    • people orientation
    • team orientation
    • aggressiveness
    • stability
  2. dominant culture
    expresses the core values shared by a majority of the org members
  3. subcultures
    tend to develop in large org to reflect ccommon problems, situations, or experiences faced by groups of members in the same department or location
  4. strong culture
    the org core values are both intenselyl held and widely shared
  5. culture as a liability
    • institutionalization - a condition that occurs when an org takes on a life of its own, apart from any of its members, and acquires immortality
    • barriers to change - shared values are not in agreement with those that further the org effectiveness
    • barriers to diversity - new EE differ from the majority/creates paradox
    • barriers to acquisitions and mergers - how well do the two companies cultural compatibility match up
  6. stages of socialization
    • prearrival
    • encounter
    • metamorphosis
    • >outcomes
    • productivity
    • commitment
    • turnover
  7. rituals
    repeative sequences of activities that express and reinforce the key values of the organization-what goals are important, which people are important, and which people are expendable
  8. ethical organizational culture
    high in risk tolerance, low to moderate in aggressiveness, and focused on means as well as outcomes
  9. creating a positive organizational culture
    emphasizes building on EE strengths, rewards more than it punishes, and emphasizes individual vitality and growth
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