growth regulators

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  1. Auxin (IAA)
    • a) natural and man made
    • * 3 substances, 1 natural 2 synthetic
    • b) 6 effects *
  2. Growth
    a) more cells ( cell division)

    b) larger cells (cell elongation
  3. Development
    a) changes from seedling to adult plant

    b) stages as matures
  4. Growth regulators
    = hormones
  5. what are growth regulators (4)
    • a) chemical messengers
    • b) trace amounts
    • c)have more than 1 effect
    • d)works with other hormones
  6. (what are growth regulators) Chemical messengers
    • a) formed in 1 area
    • b)moves
    • c) functions in new area
  7. Gibberelle Acid (GA)

    • -stem and internode elongation
    • -increases flower and fruit set
    • -promotes seed germination
  8. Cytokinins

    • a) cell division
    • * used in plant tissue cultures
    • b) slows aging
  9. Ethylene
    a) gas given off by plants


    • -fruit rippening or aging
    • -leaf drop (abscission)
    • -shorter and thicker stems
  10. Abscisic acid (ABA)
    a) inhibits growth

    • b) causes dormancy
    • - seed and bud dormancy

    ex) why tree buds wont grow till spring
  11. Florigen
    • a) possible hormone
    • b) effects: promotes flowers
    • -not sure if it exists
  12. 3 types of Auxin
    - IAA


  13. (Types of Auxin) IAA
    natural version
  14. (types of auxin) IBA
    rooting, synthetic

    -rooting hormones
  15. (types of auxin) 24-D
    herbicide, synthetic

  16. (Auxin effects) Cell and stem elongation
    -softens the cell wall, so the cells stretch
  17. (auxin effects) Adventitious roots on cuttings
    -too much can inhibit root formation
  18. (auxin effects) Apical dominance
    apical bud inhibits lateral buds
  19. (auxin effects) Herbicides
    kills plants by overgrowing

    -apical meristems
  20. (auxin effects) Epinasty
    stem and petioles twisted, due to uneven growth
  21. (auxin effects) Tropisms
    -growth responses to an environmental stimulus from one direction

    ex) plant leans towards light
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