76-100 top Qur'anic words

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  1. 'adhaba
    to punish
  2. 'alama
    to teach
  3. baasa
    to be wretched, to be evil
  4. balagha
    to reach
  5. taraka
    to leave
  6. khashaya
    to fear
  7. raaya
    to show
  8. ghafara
    to ask forgiveness
  9. kabara
    to be arrogant
  10. hadaya
    to be guided
  11. wakala
    to put trust
  12. Harama
    to forbid, to make unlawful
  13. mawata
    to die
  14. bashara
    to give glad tidings
  15. raDawa
    to be pleased
  16. Hazana
    to grieve
  17. Hashara
    to gather, to raise
  18. Sadada
    to turn away, to avert, to hinder
  19. najawa
    to save, to deliver
  20. dhawaqa
    to taste
  21. radada
    to turn back, to return
  22. bayana
    to make clear
  23. khalafa
    to differ
  24. dhahaba
    to go, to take away
  25. sajada
    to prostrate
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