Review Test one Nutritonal Sciences

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  1. If a group of farmers who grow oranges help fund a university project to determine the amount of vitamin C contained in fresh vs: frozen oj, it is appropriate to:

    a.) determine if the funding group influenced the research findings

    b.) discount the research as being biased

    c.) trust the findings since the research was university based

    d.) discount the research because ethical principles were violated
  2. You are involved in a study observing the eating and health behaviors of African Americans across the united states. You are conducting a

    a) hawthorn study

    b) intervention study

    c) epidemiologic study

    d) animal study
  3. A sandwich you ate contained 20g carbs, 32g protein, 10g fat. What percentage of the Kcal came from protein?

    a.) 27

    b) 30

    c) 43

    d) 57
  4. In your study related to soy and bone health, while it's not part of the methods, some of the subjects start to consume more milk because of their participation in the study. This phenomenon is the:

    a.) placebo effect

    b) hawthorn effect

    c) intervention effect
  5. Nutrients considered essential must_____
    a) be synthesized by the body

    b) be stored in the body

    c) come from the food we eat
  6. C
  7. The popcorn you ate contained 420 calories and 200 of these were from fat. Approx what % of calories were from fat?

    a) 47


    c) 36
  8. The second step in testing theories is

    a) conduct experiments

    b) propose a hypothesis

    c) make an observation
  9. How many Kcal are in one gram of vitamin A?

    a) 0

    b) 4

    c) 7
  10. Which government agency certifies foods as grown and processed "organically'?
    a) USDA

    b) FDA

    c) Federal Trade Commission
  11. Mark is a participant in a human intervention study that is testing the impact of selenium supplements on the performance of endurance athletes. Though Mark does not know if he is recieving selenium or a sugar pill, he is sure that the tablet he is taking has helped him shave several minutes off his usual marathon time. What effect is Mark experiencing?

    a) thornburg

    b) placebo

    c) hawthorne
  12. Which term describes a study where neither the researcher nor the participants know who is in the treatment group and who is not?

    a) randomized trial

    b) researcher protected

    c) double blind
  13. Mr. Sawyer has type 2 diabetes, so did his father. He weighs about 30lbs more than he should, due in part to his love of sweets. He often has desserts with his lunches and dinners. He is employed full time as a highway construction worker and has health insurance. What type of a nutrition health relationship is this?

    a) simple because he only has one disease

    b) simple because his diabetes is hereditary rather than diet related

    c) complec because he is overweight and diabetic

    d) complex because he is genetically predisposed to develop diabetes
  14. Jen is considering following a 1500kcal diet that includes 500kcal from carbohydrates. This diet _____.

    a) provides the reccomended amount of carbohydrate

    b) is acceptable if the protein intake is 10-35%/kcal

    c) is acceptable if the fat conent is 10-15%/kcal

    d) includes less than the reccomended amount of carbs
  15. Macronutriens include protein, lipids, carbs, and
  16. Like vitamins _____ are not used directly for energy although many are involved in energy producing reactions
  17. To be labelled as "organic" crackers must have what % organic ingredients?

    a) 50

    c) 70
  18. Chris turned in a paper on the benefits of organically raised produce; however, he lost points because his references included many articles that quoted data from other studies. What was Chris' error?

    a) he chose references that were not primary sources

    b) the research was not conducted by a scientist

    c) the references he chose included funding source bias
  19. which of the following is an example of a psitive correlation?

    a) the less john eats, the more muscle mass he loses

    b) The longer michelle excercises, the more water she needs

    c) the more vitamins sam consumes, the less energy he has
  20. When a hypothesis suggesta a causal relationship, what type of study will the scientist most likely choose to conduct?

    a) exacting

    b) epidemiologic

    c) intervention
  21. which of the following statements is true of a simple relationship?

    a) avoiding exercise can reduce ones life expectancy

    b) eating organic foods may improve nutritional status

    c) consuming inadequat vitamin c results in scurvy
  22. Someone who eats a diet with vey little fat could be at risk for developing a defiency of whatvitamin?

    a) c


    c) B12
  23. You have just purchased a food with 9g protein, 6g fat, 13g carbs. Each serving contains...

    a) 112 kcal

    b) 142 kcal

    c) 177kcal
  24. The type of study that includes scientists making observations and recording info without asking subjects to change their behavior or undergo treatment is called an _____ study

    a) controlled


    c) epidemiologic
  25. What do most cells use as their primary source of energy?

    a) fatty acids

    b) proteins

    c) sucrose

    d) glucose
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