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    Caravaggio- "The Conversion of St. Paul-

    -tequnicque known as teneberism (emerges from a dark background into a strong light, the effect that is of a theatrical spotlight)

    oil on canvas

    cerasi chapel of santa del popolo

    commisioned to chapel (only 2 were commisioned)

    counter reformation
  2. Caravaggio
    -introduced realism and dramatic lighting and gesture to italian baroque art

    -dramatic light

    -most commisions were religious

    -counter reformation
  3. Image Upload 2
    Jean- Honore Fagonart - "The Swing"

    -french rococo

    -maintains sense of humor


    -competition of Prix de Rome, the 3-5 year competition

    -Fragonard won scholarship
  4. Image Upload 3
    Claude Monet- Impression: Sunrise

    -sun rising in morning

    -oil on canvas


    -loosing of brush stroke

    -lightning of color intensity and hue

    - leading exponet of impressionism

    -focus on modern life

    -ready to use oil colors that could be carried with him

    -new modern landscape

  5. Image Upload 4
    Mary Cassat- Mother and Child


    -Focused on domestic and social life of upper middle-class women

    -natural quality

    -oil on canvas

    -space seem flattened

    -focused on figure
  6. Paul Cezanne
    • - realist artist

    -modern art

    -depicted romantic themes of drama and violence

    -adopted bright palette and broken brush work and began painting landscapes
  7. Image Upload 5
    Paul Cezanne- The Large Bathers

    -oil on canvas

    -largest he ever painted

    -less tied to observe reality

    -academic conventions of the history paiting

    -multi-figured paiting of nude figures in a landscape setting that suggests a mythological theme

    -reviving arcadian landscape
  8. Image Upload 6
    Grant Wood- American Gothic

    - regionalist

    -midwestern theme

    -oil on beaver board

    -homage to the flemish rennaisance painters that wood admired

    -stood for everything good and bad about heartland
  9. Image Upload 7
    • Mark Rothko- Lavender and Mulberry
    • - oil on paper mounted on fiberboard

    -color field painting moved in a different direction, painting large, flat areas of color to evoke more transcendent, contemplative moods in paint

    -influenced by european surrealists

    -thought of his shapes as fundamental "ideas" expressed in rectangular form
  10. Baroque

    -interest in dramatic moment

    -free technique using rich colors and dramatic contrasts of light and dark

    -historical backdrop of the counter reformation brought portraits, still lifes and genre paintings

    -major goal of the counter reformation was to properly embelish the church and its mother city

    PIAZZAS-open spaces

    -counter reformation popes had great wealth
  11. Image Upload 8
    Francesco Borromini- Facade Church of San Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane, Rome

    -four fountains at the four corners

    -trinitarian monks

    -curves creat feeling of movement

    -coffers- inset panels in geometric shapes

    -oval shaped dome

    - oval, octagon, circle and triangle symbolize of Trinity as as of church patrons

    -complex rational shapes

    -indulating walls
  12. Image Upload 9
    Giovanni Battista Gauli- The Triumph of the Name of Jesus and the Fall of the Damned

    • -Taste for drama and multimedia effects


    -Religious allegory

    -fresco with stucco figures

    -baroque ceiling

    -fills the vault of the Jesuit church ll Gesi

    -illusion that clouds and angels come down through an opening in the churchs vaults into the upper reaches of the nave

    -focused off center on the golden aura around the letter IHS

    -IHS- the monogram of Jesus and the insignia of the Jesuits

    -subject is last judgement
  13. Image Upload 10
    Diego Velazquez- Las Meninas (The Maids of Honor

    -liberal art

    -enormous portrait

    -space occupied by King Philip and Queen whose reflections can be seen in the mirror

    -main focus on 5 year old Infanata (means princess)

    -minimum of underdrawing, building up his forms with layers of loosely applied paint and finishing it off with dashing highlights

    -capture appearance of light

    -individual strokes of paint

    -royal portrait

    -self portrait of velazquez
  14. Image Upload 11
    Peter Paul Rubens- The Raising of the Cross

    -Flemish boroque art extending the central action and the landscape through all 3 pannels

    -drama inense emotion

    -virtuoso technique

    -rich colors, surface of realism

    -italian art shown through diagonal composition and intense emotions

    -studdied the paintings of 2 contemparies, Carravagio and Annibale Caracci

    -dukes emissary

    -portrayed maries life as a triumph by the ancient gods of greece and rome

    • -
    • -tripytch canvas

    -1st major commission

    -church of
  15. The enlightment
    -a radically new synthesis of ideas about humanity, reason, nature and god that had arisen during classical greek and roman times and during the renaissance

    -enlightment thinkers saw nature as both rational and good
  16. Rococo
    -Playful style, fanciful

    -became fashionable in France

    -favored by aristocracy

    -characterized by pastel colors, delicately curving forms, dainty figures and a light hearted mood
  17. Image Upload 12
    John Henry Fuseli- The Nightmare

    -depicted supernatural and irrational subjects

    -trained in Neoclassical aesthetics

    -history painter specializing in dramatic subjects

    -romantic painting

    -erotic dream caused by an incubus (or mara, evil spirit)
  18. Image Upload 13
    Jacques- Louis David- Death of Marat

    -neoclassical style


    -dramatic naturalism


    -death of one of the jacobin leaders, Jean-Paul Marat
  19. Image Upload 14
    Jean Auguste-Domnique Ingres- Large Odalisque


    -erotic and aloof

    -desired acceptance as a history painter

    -neoclassic wing of Davids legacy

    - Odalsique-female slave of concubine in a sultans harem, anticlassical fashion
  20. Image Upload 15
    Theodore Gericault- Raft of the "Medusa"

    -history painting that speaks powerfully through a composition in which the victims, largely nude, muscular bodies are organized on crossed diagonals

    -politcal meaning (black man)

    -modeling of bodies thru light and shade

    -study kind of morgue

    -culmination of extensive study and experimentaion
  21. Lithography
    -natural antagonism between oil and water

    -draws on flat surface, fine grained stone with a greasy crayonlike instrument

    -transferring int to paper

    -direct method of creating a printed image
  22. Image Upload 16
    Eugene Delacroix- Liberty Leading the People: July 28, 1830

    -summed up for many the destiny of france after the fall of napolean

    -returned education to catholic control


    -figure of liberty

    -classical allegorical figure and palaced her, weapon tall in the thick of battle
  23. Image Upload 17
    Francisco Goya- Third of May, 1808

    - court painter


    -focus's on victims and antiheroes

    -very romantic

    - loose brushwork

    - poses based on reality

    -off balance composition

    - destroying defenceless humanity
  24. Image Upload 18
    Joseph Mallord William Turner -The Burning of the House of Lord and Commons, 16th oct. 1834

    -romantic theme of nature

    -paintings of grand natural scenes and historical subjects

    -tragic fire that severly damaged Londons antient parliament building

    -mother nature has the last word
  25. Image Upload 19
    Gustave Eiffel- Eiffel tower

    -iron tower

    -main attraction of the 1889 universal exposition

    -perfection of civilization through science and technology
  26. Image Upload 20
    Daguerre- The Artists studio

    -project a scene onto metal plate

    -reproduction of visible world

    -still life

    -camera obscura- meaning dark chamber, consists of a darkened room or box with a lens through which light passes

    -daguerreotypes- earliest photographs

    -first person to "fix" photographic image

    -guarded his so jealousy that the photographs are called daguerreotypes
  27. Image Upload 21
    Gustave Courbet- A Burial at Ornans

    - attention to poor and ordinary people


    -large canvas

    -disrespe for conventional compositional standards

    -lined them in rows across picture plan instead of arranging figures in a pyramid

    -no suggestion of afterlife
  28. Image Upload 22
    Edovard Manet- Olympia


    -initiator of modern art

    - socially ambitious prostitute

    -based on a venetian rennaissance sourcem, Titians Venis of Urbino

    -displayed at a salon

    -angular and flattenend
  29. Image Upload 23
    Edgar Degas- The Rehearsal on Stage


    -angular view point

    -japanese prints

    -composed his pictures in the studio from working drawings- a traditional academic procedure

    -firm drawing and careful composition

    -modern subjects

    -pastel over brush and ink drawing on thin wove paper, laid on bristol board mounted on canvas
  30. Avant- garde
    -foward looking aspect of modern art and the belief that modernist are working ahead of the publics ability to comprehend
  31. Image Upload 24
    George Seurat- A Sunday Afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte

    -classical aesthetics

    -complementary colors

    -hues in dots of pure color (divisionism/ pointlism)

    -abstract effect with casual naturalism

    -highly formal style

    -color theory "law of the simultaneous contrast of color"
  32. Image Upload 25
    Vincent Van Gogh- The Starry Night

    -post impressionist


    -expressive personal style


    -post impressionist

    -applied his paint freely in multidirectional dashes of impasto which gave his pictures greater sense of physical energy

    -tree symbolizes death and eternal life

    -star-planet of venus (love)


    -impasto-thick applications of pigments
  33. Image Upload 26
    Edward Munch-The Scream

    -tempera and casein on cardboard

    -symbolist and expressionist

    -modern aleination

    -fear of open space

    -expressive abstraction
  34. Image Upload 27
    Auguste Rodin- Burcher of Calais

    -most sucessful and influential European sculptor


    -comtemporary symbolism and expressionist currents

    -won competition

    -100 years's war

    -ordinary looking men in various attitudes of resignation and despair

    -moved from high pedesta to low pedesta to show ordinary people too are capable of noble acts
  35. Image Upload 28
    Piablo Picasso- Guernica

    -a stark, hallucinatory nightmare that became a powerful symbol of the brutality of war

    -palette to black grey and white

    -represents the suffering spanish republic


    -used modern are to comment in a heartfelt manner on what seemed an international scandal
  36. Image Upload 29
    Henri Matisse-Le Bonheur De Vivre (The Joy of Life)

    -fauves- (wild beasts) explosive colors and impulsive brushwork

    -major fauve artist

    -nudes in attitude

    -thoughtful innovator
  37. Image Upload 30
    Ernst Ludwig Kirchner- Street Berlin

    -die brucke- "the bridge" formed an exhibiting group


    -two prostitutes symbolized by their large feathered hats and coats

    -artificial and dehumanized with mass like faces and stiff gestures
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