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  1. Vasily Kandinsky- Improvisation 28 (second version)-

    expressionist-der blaue reiter- "The Blue Rider" more spiritual intensions that led one member to produce some of the first abstract paintings

    -popular image of a blue knight-considered blue the color of spirituality

    -musical titles of his paintings


    -vortext of color, line and shape

    -hearing a symphony
  2. Pablo Picasso- Les Demoisselles D'Avignon (The Young Ladies of Avignon

    -Cubist style- proved a fruitful launching pad for allowing to comment on doern life and to investigate how we perceive the world

    -lberian influence

    -inspired by african art

    -multifigured painting

    -culturally rebellious
  3. Umberto Boccioni- Unique Forms of Continuity in Space

    -futurist painter


    -sculpture of environment

    -armless nude figure in full, powerful stride
  4. Marcel Duchamp- L.H.O.O.Q

    -Pencil on reproduction of Leonardo's Mona Lisa


    -ready mades- ordinary manufactured objects through decision of the artist

    -drew mustache and beard on famous face

    -assisted read-made
  5. Frida Kahlo- The Two Fridas

    - mexican folk painting

    -identity between european (on left) and mexican (on right)

    -self expression

    -focus on mixed herritage

    -in context of Kahlo's real life
  6. Frank Lloyd Wright- Edgar Kaufmann House, Falling Water

    -pioneer of modernism

    -not simply on landscape but in it


    -built into the cliff

  7. Piet Mondrian- Composition with Yellow, Red, and Blue

    -de stijl- "the style"

    -the 2 linear directions are meant to represent harmony of a series of opposites including male vs. female

    -two kinds of beauty; sensual or subjective

    -three primary hues , three neutrals

    -horizontal and vertical lines

    -dynamic equilibrium

    -universal style beyond the realm of art
  8. Salvador Dali- Birth of Liquid Desires

    -illusionistic representaion


    -sexual urges

    -cloud represents a dream

    -"manifesto of surrealism"

    -biomorphic form

  9. Jackson Pollock- Autmn Rhythm (#30)

    -action painting

    -exploding hierachy

    -controlled disorder of a frenzied dance
  10. Quadrio riportato
    -("transported paintings") is the Italian phrase for "carried picture"

    -ceiling is intended to look as if a framed painting has been placed overhead; there is no illusionistic foreshortening, figures appearing as if they were to be viewed at normal eye level.
  11. Di sotto in su
    means seen from below
  12. Tenebrism
    -dramatic illumination

    -violent contrast from light to dark

    -carravagio used this
  13. Camera Obscura
    "darkened chamber/room" is an optical device that projects an image of its surroundings on a screen
  14. Fete Galante
    a subject in painting depicting well dressed people at leisure in a park or country stting
  15. Atelier
    the studio or work shop of a master artist or crafts person often including junior associates and apprentices
  16. Veduta
    Italiean for "vista" or "view". Paintings drawings or prints often of expansive city scenes or of harbors
  17. Odalisque
    female slave, means chambermaid
  18. sublime
    high spiritual, moral, or intelectual value or something awe inspiring
  19. primitivism
    the borrowing of subjects or forms by western artist

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