Bloodspatter Review

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Bloodspatter Review
2012-05-07 16:10:04
Bloodspatter forensic science criminalistics

Made for "Introduction to Forensic Science & Criminalistics" by Gaensslen, Harris and Lee
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  1. What was Eduard Piotrowski's contribution to the forensic sciences?
    First detailed study of bloodspatter evidence in Poland
  2. List several factors that can affect the final shape of a bloodstain formed when a falling blood droplet strikes a surface at a 90 degress angle of impact.
    Texture of surface, size/volume of blood, height fallen, force/velocity
  3. Describe the general relationship between the impact angle and the final bloodstain shape.
    More oblique impact angle, more elongated bloodstain
  4. Know how to calculate impact angle from a crime scene bloodstain.
    Arcsine of theta = width / length
  5. Know which feature of a bloodstain is used to determine direction of impact.
    The tail
  6. Explain how one can determine the point(s) of convergence from a set of crime scene bloodstains.
    Find the angles of impact; reconstruct direction; area with most dense intersections is the point of convergence
  7. Describe the visual features of low, medium and high velocity bloodstain patterns and the activities that produce them.
    • Low velocity
    • - more than or equal to 4mm; gravity
    • Medium velocity
    • - between 1 and 3mm; physical contact
    • High velocity
    • - less than 1mm; backspatter and forward spatter possible; firearms
  8. Name and describe the various types of bloodstains that can be found at a crime scene and the actions that can produce them.
    • Falling
    • - trailing
    • Contact
    • -transfer
    • Wipe
    • - clean object contacting bloody surface
    • Swipe
    • - bloody object contacting clean surface
    • Cast off
    • - flinging/swinging; bidirectionality; linear
    • Arterial spurt
    • - wavelike; large volume of blood
    • Running/flow
    • - victim stationary
    • Secondary
    • - blood dripping into blood
    • Void
    • - outline of object