Vocabulary 14

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  1. affliction
    a physical ailment; a cause of pain or trouble, misfortune
  2. akin
    related by blood; having similar qualities or character
  3. cosmopolitan
    found in most parts of the world; having many fields of interest; of worldwide scope; sophisticated
  4. elongate
    to grow in length, become longer; to extend the length of
  5. gala
    a public entertainment marking a special event, a festive occasion; festive, showy
  6. gaudy
    flashy, showy; not in good taste
  7. gratitude
    appreciation, thankfulness
  8. heed
    to pay careful attention to, notice; to be guided by; close attention or consideration
  9. hoax
    an act intended to trick or deceive, a fraud; to trick, deceive
  10. impartial
    just, unbiased, fair, not taking sides
  11. impostor
    a swindler, deceiver; one who uses a false name or character in order to cheat
  12. inflate
    to fill with air or gas; to swell or puff out; to make something appear larger than it is
  13. mediate
    to think about deeply and quietly, reflect upon; to plan, intend
  14. meager
    poor, scant, unsatisfactory; thin, slight
  15. nutritious
    nourishing, valuable and satisfying as food
  16. oppress
    to govern or rule cruelly or unjustly; to weigh heavily upon
  17. pedestrian
    on who goes on foot; relating to walking; on foot; ordinary, dull, unimiganitive
  18. transmit
    to send on, pass along, send out
  19. vanquish
    to defeat in a battle or contest, overthrow; to overcome a feeling or condition
  20. wan
    unnaturally pale or sickly looking; lacking vitality; dim; faint; weak, ineffectual
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