Pronouns Quiz

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  1. Pronouns agree in ______________ and ____________.
    Number and gender
  2. Pronouns take the place of ___________.
  3. List the nominative (subjective) pronouns.
    • I
    • He
    • She
    • You
    • It
    • We
    • They
    • Who
  4. List the Objective Pronouns.
    • Me
    • Him
    • Her
    • Yu
    • It
    • Us
    • Tem
    • Whom
  5. List the Possessive Pronouns.
    • My, mine
    • His
    • Her, hers
    • YOur, yours
    • It, its
    • Our, ours
    • Teir, theirs
    • Whose
  6. What is a nominative pronoun's function in a sentence?
    • 1. It can be the subject.
    • 2. It can be the predicate nominative.
  7. What is aobject give pronoun's function in a sentence?
    • 1. It can be the object of the preposition.
    • 2. It can be the direct object.
    • 3. It can be the indirect object.
  8. What is the function of a possessive pronoun in a sentence?
    It shows ownership.
  9. What is the subject of a sentence?
    It says who or what the sentence is about.
  10. Name the subject in this sentence:

    She tries to do her best on the test.
    She Is the subject.
  11. What is a predicate nominative?
    It is a word that occurs in the predicate (after the linkage verb), which means the same as the subject.
  12. Find the predicate nominative in this sentence:

    Their mom is the lady with the polka dotted skirt.
    Predicate nominative is lady.
  13. What is an object of a preposition?
    The object of the preposition is the noun or pronoun that follows a preposition.
  14. Name the objective pronoun in this sentence:

    The baby took the bottle from her.
    Her is the objective pronoun.
  15. What is a direct object?
    It is a noun or pronoun that receives the action of the verb.
  16. Find the direct object in this sentence:

    Ben read it before he went to bed.
    It is the direct object.
  17. What is an indirect object?
    The indirect object "indirectly" receives a direct object.
  18. What can be inserted mentally before an indirect object?
    To OR for
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