INTRO To VN Obj. 40-41

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  1. Disasters can be internal or external.

    Internal disasters are be _____...

    External disasters are be _____...
    Internal = Utility interruptions, chemical spills, etc.

    External = Outside the agency. (Natural Disasters i.e. Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes, etc.)
  2. Emergency Codes

    1.) Disaster Manuels in every agency.
    2.) Staff will be asked to come in
    3.) Codes that are commonly used are.. Code Red, Code Blue, Code White, Code Pink, and Code Purple.
    • 1.) Code Red: Fire Emergency
    • 2.) Code Blue: Medical Emergency involving an adult
    • 3.) Code White: Medical Emergency involving Pediatrics
    • 4.) Code Pink: Infant Abduction
    • 5.) Code Purple: Child Abduction
  3. Fire Emergency
    1. Know were the fire extinguishers are.
    2. RACE stands for..
    • R: rescue or remove patient from danger
    • A: alarm
    • C: contain the fire
    • E: extinguish
  4. Fire Emergency
    1.) Know what type of extinguisher should be used for each type of fire.
    2.) Remember to use P. A. S. S. when using the extinguisher
    • P: Point
    • A: Aim
    • S: Squeeze
    • S: Sweep

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Intro to VN Obj. 40-41 Role of the Nurse in Disasters and Fire Emergency
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