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    Title or Name: Iron BridgeArchitect/Artist: Thomas Pritchard w/A. DarbyCity: CoalbrookedaleCountry: EnglandDates: 1777-81
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    Title or Name: Suspension BridgeArchitect/Artist: Telford, ThomasCity: Menai StraitCountry: EnglandDates: 1819-1926
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    Title or Name: Altes MuseumArchitect/Artist: Schinkel, Karl FriedrichCity: BerlinCountry: GermanyDates: 1824-1828
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    Title or Name: Houses of ParlimentArchitect/Artist: Barry, CharlesCity: LondonCountry: EnglandDates: 1846-1860 AD
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    Title or Name: Libary Saint GenevieveArchitect/Artist: Labrouste, Pierre F HCity: ParisCountry: FranceDates: 1844-1850
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    Title or Name: Crystal PalaceArchitect/Artist: Paxton, JosephCity: LondonCountry: EnglandDates: 1850-1851 AD
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    Title or Name: King's Cross StationArchitect/Artist: Cubitt, LewisCity: LondonCountry: EnglandDates: 1851-1852 AD
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    Title or Name: Opera HouseArchitect/Artist: Garnier, CharlesCity: ParisCountry: FranceDates: 1860-1875 AD
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    Title or Name: Saint Pancras Station HotelArchitect/Artist: Scott, George GilbertCity: LondonCountry: EnglandDates: 1865-1874 AD
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    Title or Name: Saint Pancras Station Train ShedArchitect/Artist: Barlow, William HenryCity: LondonCountry: EnglandDates: 1882-1887
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    Title or Name: Forth BridgeArchitect/Artist: Fowler, CharlesCity: EdinburghCountry: ScotlandDates: 1882-1890
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    Title or Name: Eiffel TowerArchitect/Artist: Eiffel, GustaveCity: ParisCountry: FranceDates: 1887-1889
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