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  1. What are the resources of Tourism, i.e why do people come to Costaa Blanca?
    Primary:hot Dry summers
  2. What are the benefits?
    • -500,000 visitors year. £30 spent
    • -750.000 jobs (multiplier effect)
    • - Lower crime rates (police around the town)
    • -New Infrastructure : Alicante airport, Benidorm and Madrid linking road built.
    • - Recycled water for irrigation means citrus fruit exports - diversifying economy supported.
  3. Problems
    • -Visual pollution: High rise hotels look weird with traaditionl buildings and materials.
    • - Seasonal low paid jobs:mainly stuff like litter picking
    • -Water : Dry summers (1-cm rain a year) - tourist consumption doubles locals'
    • - Litter -50,000,000 tonnes of waaste a year. Bd for environment
    • - Second home owning increase : hyper seasonality, unreliable threshold population for local services like shops
  4. Stuff done to manage the environment
    • Litter bins emptied reguarly, promenades swept
    • Chemicals added to sea - maintain water quality
    • Police patrol beach - cleaned by hand every day
    • Walking is encouraged -to walk to beach, central area pedestrianised.
    • National park - at end of peninsula to protect area
  5. Other Stuff done for management
    • Height of hotels restricted, maaterials must blend with environment
    • Attract people all year round - cheap winter dels for oldies
    • Theme park -reduces honey pot effect

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Package tourism Costa Blanca
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