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  1. What are mollusks?
    • Mollusks are soft bodied invertebrates that usually have a shell.
    • Most have an open Circulatory system
    • Large, muscular foot
  2. What is the mantle on a mollusk?
    A thin layer of tissure that covers it's soft body, secrets the shell
  3. What is the Radula?
    Rows of teethlike projections that scrape food.
  4. what are gills?
    What mollusks that live in the water have them. They are organs that exchange CO2 and oxygen from the water)
  5. What are the types of mollusks?
    Gastropods, Bivalaves, Cephalopod
  6. What are gastropods?
    • must have one shell
    • live in water or on land
    • move using muscular foot
    • glide on mucus
    • Examples: snails, conchs, slugs
  7. What are bivalves?
    • two shells joined by a hinge
    • live in water
    • filter feeder
    • muscle opens and closes shell
    • Examples: scallop, clam, mussel
  8. What are ceohalopods?
    • internal plate instead of a shell
    • foot is divided into tentacles with strong suckers
    • closed circulatory system
    • move by pushing out water
    • Examples: Cuttlefish, octopus, squid, chambered nautilus
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Mollusks Invertebrates Science

Mollusks Invertebrates Science
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