Questioned Documents Review

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  1. What are questioned documents?
    Any form of communication that's suspect to origins or authenticity
  2. List the different types of examinations that can be performed by a QD examiner.
    • Handwriting comparisons
    • Writing instruments
    • Printing devices
    • Reconstructions
  3. State the two principles that form the basis for forensic handwriting analysis and comparison.
    • 1. No two individuals write the same
    • 2. No person writes the exact same twice
  4. Provide examples of several class characteristics of handwriting.
    • General letter shaoe
    • Punctualization
    • Capitalization
  5. List and recognize several individualizing handwriting features.
    • Beginning and ending strokes
    • Letter connections
    • Height ratios
    • Spacing of letters
    • Hesitations
    • Baseline characteristics
    • Pen pressure
    • Unusual letter forms
    • Slant
    • Pen lifts
    • Punctuation style
  6. List the cautionary steps when collecting QD evidence.
    • Don't fold or cut
    • Don't staple or paperclip
    • Don't use plastic
    • Don't write on or mark
    • Don't process for fingerprints
    • Use cardboard folders
  7. Explain the difference between a requested and non-requested handwriting sample.
    • Requested
    • - court ordered
    • Non-requested
    • - voluntary
  8. Define: alteration, erasure and obliteration.
    • Alteration
    • - an addition
    • Erasure
    • - a subtraction
    • Obliteration
    • - a destruction
  9. Provide examples of QD evidence that can be analyzed by the VSC.
    Any kind of QD where an alteration, erasure or obliteration may have occured
  10. Provide an example of QD evidence that can be analyzed by the EDA.
    Indented writings
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