lab nervous system

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  1. Name the parts and their functions
    Denrite- receptive region

    soma- biosynthetic center, receptive region (body)

    nucleus- contains DNA, synthesizes RNA

    axon hillock- generates APs

    axon: propigates AP

    mitochondria: produces ATP

    myelin sheath: insulates axon, increases speed of AP propagation

    synapse (synaptic cleft): space b/ t an axon terminal and another structure
  2. Name the green part, the blue part, and the yellow part
    Cerebrum (green)

    Cerebellum (blue)

    Brain Stem (yellow)
  3. name the ridges, the shallow grooves, and the deep grooves
    ridges- gyri

    shallow grooves- sulci

    deep grooves-fissures

    *fissure that separates the two hemispheres is the longitudinal fissue*
  4. arbor vitae
  5. label the parts of the brain stem
  6. label the ventricles
  7. label the ventricles
    lateral, third, fourth, cerebral aqueduct, choroid plexus
  8. locate the intermediate mass of the thalamus
  9. label the thalamus and the hypothalamus
    24/14 and 26
  10. what are number 8 and number 10?
    the corpus collisum and the fornix
  11. what are numbers 18 and 1? what are they called together?
    Superior collicli and inferior colliculi

    called the corpora quadrigemina
  12. locate the infundibulum
    dangly thing at inferior posterior end
  13. what what is in the space right where 19 is?
    pineal gland
    • Dura Mater
  14. label the falx cerebri and the tentorium cerebelli
  15. name the meninges
  16. name CV
  17. Name the CVs and whether they are sensory, motor, or both
    • I Olfactory- Sensory
    • II Optic-Sensory
    • III Oculomotor- Motor
    • IV- Trochelar- Motor
    • V- Trigeminal- Both
    • VI- Abducens-Motor
    • VII- Facial- Both
    • VIII- Vestibularcochlear-both
    • IX Glossopharygeal- both
    • X- Vagus- both
    • XI- Accesorry- motor
    • XII- Hyposglossal -Motor
  18. label the CN

  19. name the lobes, locate the central sulcus, the lateral sulcus, the precentral gyrus and the postcentral gyrus
    frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital

    lateral sulcus separates temporal and frontal/parietal

    central sulcus separates frontal and parietal

    precentral gyrus in frontal, postcentral in parietal
  20. central canal, gray matter, white matter

    dorsal root, dorsal root ganglion, ventral root

    anterior median fissue, posterior median sulcus

    ventral gray horn, dorsal gray horn, lateral gray horn

    anterior white column, posterior white column, lateral white column

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