Ap us history second semester final

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  1. Hamiltons financial plan
    To create a national bank and pay off debts of the nation and states.
  2. Trumans doctrine
    That the us would support Greece and turkey with their military needs
  3. Border states
    States that never declared succession.
  4. Whig party
    Formed to oppose Andrew Jackson's democratic party
  5. Freedman bureau
    A us government agency that helped freed people such as slaves.
  6. Market economy growth in 1814
    Immigration influence
  7. Coercive act of 1774
    acts that forced people to pay taxes ect in the new America (UNTOLERABLE ACTS)
  8. Chesapeak leopard affair
    occurred on June 22, 1807, the British warship HMS Leopard attacked and boarded the American frigate
  9. Treaty of Paris
    Treaty signed by Brittan, France, and Spain with portugal ending the 7 year war.
  10. Spanish American War Impearialism
    A war between spain and America that led to other countries having the ability to rule foreign countries under them.
  11. Jimmy Carter's greatest success as president
    SALT treaties
  12. Marcus Gravey
    "dim seperatist"
  13. Social Darwism
    everyone is subject to the same rules
  14. Jacksons century of dishonor
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