Ramont Vocab Chapter 8

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  1. R
    • R: Remove/ Rescue
    • A: Alarm
    • C: Contain Fire
    • E: Extinguish
  2. Suffocation/ Asphyxiation
    Lack of oxygen due to interrupted breathing
  3. Bagging
    enclosing dirty containated or hazerdous materials in plastic bags for safe removal and disposal
  4. External Disasters
    events outside the hospital that produce a large number of victims (e.g., fires plane or train accidents, earthquakes or violent civil disturbances)
  5. internal disasters
    events within the hospital that interrupt services and produce victims
  6. triage
    assessing a large number of emergency victims quickly. Victims are prioritzed to their care needs, from most severe to least
  7. body mechanics
    safe efficient use of the body to move objects and carry out activities of daily living
  8. twisting
    rotation of the thoracolumbar spine
  9. fulcrum
    fixed point where a lever moves
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