HFRS Firecraft 001:Water Supplies

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  1. Describe the water distribution network
  2. What is water hammer?
    Water passing through a pipe has weight & speed. Stopping (checking) this flow suddenly turns into pressure which has to be absorbed by the pipe and fittings. The sudden shock could burst or damage the water main.
  3. List 7 points to remember when opening a hydrant.
    • Open slowly
    • Close slowly
    • Ensure valve closed after use
    • Check frost valve works
    • Ensure pit left clean and dry
    • If flooded do not remove standpipe until valve closed
    • Do not remove standpipe where supply fails or not available until valve is closed
  4. List the classes of hydrant
    • Class A: Standard use - non motorway class roads
    • Class B: Motorway class roads
    • Class C: Emergency Water Supplies
    • Class D: Meter Bypass

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HFRS Firecraft 001:Water Supplies
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Fire Service Water Supplies

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