Spanish Aramada

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  1. In detail, explain 3 reasons why there was rivalry between England and Spain in the late 16th century?
    • 1) English pirates robbed Spanish ships of vluable cargo from the Spanish colonies.
    • 2)Elizabeth I refused to marry King Phillip II.
    • 3) England was a protestant country, Spain was catholic and therefore represented a threat.
    • 4) Elizabeth I executed Mary Queen of Scots, who was a catholic.
  2. Who was Queen of England at this time?
    Elizabeth I
  3. Who was King of Spain?
    Phillip II
  4. In which year did the war between England and Spain break out?
  5. How did the English warn each-other that the Spanish Armarda was approaching?
    They light beacons along the coast.
  6. Who was the commander of the English fleet?
    Lord Howard of Effingham
  7. Who was the commander of the Spanish fleet?
    The Duke of Medina Sidiona
  8. In what formation did the Armard sail?
    The cresecent
  9. Where did the Spanish and English fight the main battle of the Armarda campaign?
    The English Channel
  10. How did the English break the Spanish formation?
    They sent fire ships into the Spanish fleet causing panic.
  11. Why did the Spanish have to sail north to travel home?
    • 1) The English fleet blocked their route south.
    • 2) The prevailing wind was blowing south to north.
    • 3)The English chased them.
  12. Give 2 reasons why so many Spanish ships were wreacked on the irish coast?
    • 1) The ships were battered by some of the most violent storms ever seen in the area.
    • 2) The crews became weak with lack of food and the spread of disease.
    • 3) Many of the shios were overloaded with extra men and were difficult to manouvere.
    • 4) The Irish coast is difficult to navigate.
  13. Name the Spanish ship that was wrecked off Lacada Point at the Giant Causeway?
  14. Name some items found at the site of the wreck.
    Gold coins and amunition.
  15. Explain in detail 3 reasons why the Armarda was defeated.
    • 1) The cresecent formation was destroyed by the English fireships.
    • 2) The Spanish were unable to get close to the English ships to board them.
    • 3) The English ships were lighter and more nimble than the larger Spanish ships.
    • 4)The Spanish fleets were far from their own ports and had to stop to replenish supplies, something that made them vulnerable to attack.
    • 5)The wind blew them north, pushing them further away from their own ports, they could find no help.
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