Bobby's Random Notes XXV

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  1. First major battle for US Grant
    Battle of Belmont
  2. Highest Point is Triglav
  3. Lord Milner was a key commander in this war
    Boer War
  4. Lived in the Leicester House
    George II
  5. Wolof is a key language where
  6. Child labor case that said Congress could not regulate labor conditions
    Hammer v. Dagenhart
  7. July 17 Protests took place in this country
    East Germany
  8. Cape Soya is the northernmost point of this island
  9. Nickname for the Olmec
    Rubber People
  10. Wrote Dragons of Eden
    Carl Sagan
  11. Part of it was the Johnson Debt Default Act
    Lend Lease Act
  12. Wrote about Gonorrhea
  13. Vincent Hallinan was a 1952 candidate for this party
  14. Led to the Cato Street Conspiracy
    Peterloo Massacre
  15. PLQ is a party here
  16. Lost an election to Dale Bumper
    Mike Huckabee
  17. Known as the "Abhorrers"
  18. Charles Finney was an important figure in this event
    Second Great Awakening
  19. Believe in the "Inner Light"
  20. At one point was led by da Fonseca
  21. Wrote a book about dressing gowns
  22. An attempt to break Marie Antoinette out of prison
    Carnation Day
  23. This battle took place near Ambion Hill
    Battle of Bosworth Field
  24. French forces took Minorca during this war
    Seven Years' War
  25. Deposed King Jehoiakim
    Nebuchadnezzar II
  26. In what election was FDR the vice presidential candidate?
  27. Ignacio Zaragoza was a commander at what battle?
    Battle of Puebla
  28. Charles de Lorencez was a commander at what battle?
    Battle of Puebla
  29. This territory was once owned by the Somers Isles Company
  30. Maseta Central is a plateau in this peninsula
    Iberian Peninsula
  31. The Duero River is a river on this peninsula
    Iberian Peninsula
  32. The Battle of Spafford Farm occurred in this war
    Black Hawk War
  33. The Battle of Apple River Fort occurred during this war
    Black Hawk War
  34. The Battle of Kellogg's Grove occurred during this war
    Black Hawk War
  35. The Battle of Wisconsin Heights occurred during this war
    Black Hawk War
  36. "A Choice, Not An Echo" was written by this politician
    Barry Goldwater
  37. Port Klang is a major port in this city
  38. Neilah is a main prayer in this holiday
    Yom Kippur
  39. Charles Francis Adams was the VP candidate of this party
    Free Soil Party
  40. The Gang of Eight attempted a coup against this Russian leader
    Mikhail Gorbachev
  41. The Arbuckle Mountains lie in this state
  42. The Wichita Mountains lie in this state
  43. This man founded Port Pheasant
    Sir Francis Drake
  44. The Covode Report almost impeached this president
    James Buchanan
  45. Muhammad Shah was a ruler of this dynasty
    Mughal Dynasty
  46. The Naxalites are a Communist movement in this country
  47. This treaty gave the Grand Banks in part to the US
    Treaty of Paris
  48. This politician gave the James Sprunt Lectures
    William Jennings Bryan
  49. Mount Roberts lies near this city
  50. This king led Royalists in the name of Henry III in the Second Barons War
    Edward Longshanks
  51. This leader lost the use of his right arm after a 1981 assassination attempt
    Ayatollah Kohmeini
  52. Lester Maddox was a politician from this state
  53. This city is located on the Scheldt River
  54. The Loreto Region is the northernmost region of this country
  55. Urubamba is an ancient city in this country
  56. Glover Mansion and the Glover Gardens are in this city
  57. Lofoten is an archipelago owned by this country
  58. Kirkenes is the Easternmost city in this country
  59. This politician succeeded Richard Schweiker as the senator of Pennsylvania
    Arlen Specter
  60. The Republic of Ragusa was on this sea
    Adriatic Sea
  61. Michael Heseltine was an advisor under this PM
    Margaret Thatcher
  62. Hernando de Alarcon was a navigator for this man
    Francisco de Coronado
  63. This president passed the Keating-Owen and Adamson Acts
    Woodrow Wilson
  64. Lake Hazar is the source of this river
    Tigris River
  65. Lake Malaren is the third largest lake in this country
  66. This action was codenamed Operation Zapata
    Bay of Pigs
  67. The "Black Decree" was issued by this Mexican leader
    Maximilian I
  68. Marshall Bazaine served under this Mexican leader
    Maximilian I
  69. Albert Hagelin was this man's interior minister
    Vidkun Quisling
  70. Josef Terboven was associated with this leader
    Vidkun Quisling
  71. This man's official title was Nasjonal Samling
    Vidkun Quisling
  72. Carlos Flores and Roberto Cordova led this nation to independence
  73. The Bear River flows into this lake
    Great Salt Lake
  74. Li Yuan was the founder of this dynasty
    Tang Dynasty
  75. This man gave the 1948 Democratic Convention Speech
    Hubert Humphrey
  76. The land of Ingria was fought over in this conflict
    Great Northern War
  77. You can bypass this strait with the Sibutu Passage
    Straits of Moluccas
  78. The Erlitou Culture was centered around this river
    Yellow River
  79. Oracle Bones have been found near this river
    Yellow River
  80. The Sigsbee Deep is the deepest part of this body of water
    Gulf of Mexico
  81. James A Rhodes and Leroy Satrom were figures in this event
    Kent State Massacre
  82. This city occupies the Kidrom Valley
  83. This man's reelection slogan was "Four More Years of a Full Dinner Pail"
    William McKinley
  84. Johann Rall led Hessians at this battle
    Battle of Trenton
  85. John Cadwalader attacked the British at Bordentown in this battle
    Battle of Trenton
  86. This politician wrote The Farmer Refuted
    Alexander Hamilton
  87. He Jin was an important general to this dynasty
    Han Dynasty
  88. Bindusara was a member of this dynasty
    Mauryan Dynasty
  89. Kavala and Izmir are both cities on this sea
    Aegean Sea
  90. This thinker posited "different species of philosophy"
    David Hume
  91. This thinker wrote about "necessary connections"
    David Hume
  92. This group created their Ten Point Program
    Black Panthers
  93. This city is situated on the mouth of the Platte River
  94. The Tisza and Sava Rivers are in this country
  95. Nis is the third-largest city in this country
  96. Novi Sad is the largest city in this country
  97. This country lost the Battle of Augsburg
  98. Ghanzi is the de facto capital of this region
    Kalahari Desert
  99. This president attempted to nominate Abe Fortas to the Supreme Court
  100. Anglesey is the largest island in this body of water
    Irish Sea
  101. The Mersey Estuary flows into this body of water
    Irish Sea
  102. This president appointed Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court
  103. The "Lightning Pope," Leo XI, is from this family
  104. This country's coast is called the "Pepper Coast"
  105. The Isle of Skye lies just off the coast of this nation
  106. The Grampian Mountains lie in this country
  107. The Anti-Rent War occurred in this state
    New York
  108. This commander fought in the Battle of Groton Heights
    Benedict Arnold
  109. This commander fought in the Battle of Blandford
    Benedict Arnold
  110. Bruno Bauer was a friend of this thinker
    Karl Marx
  111. This empire came from a coalition called the "Twelve Doors"
    Mali Empire
  112. One of the islands in this island group is called "Indefatigable"
    Galapagos Islands
  113. The Napier Affair began part of this conflict
    Opium Wars
  114. John C Calhoun ran for president in this year
  115. The 1972 Line of Control demarcated this region
  116. The Piano Caldera is in this volcano
    Mount Etna
  117. John Potter currently leads this US organization
    US Postal Service
  118. This thinker wrote On the Vanity and Suffering of Life
    Arthur Schopenauer
  119. The Suri Dynasy interrupted the rule of this empire
    Mughal Empire
  120. Salzburg and Innsbruck lie in this country
  121. There were only 8 justices for this landmark Supreme Court Case
    Plessy v Ferguson
  122. Sri Chand and Lakhmi Chand were the sons of this religious figure
    Guru Nanak
  123. The Down to the Countryside Movement was part of this larger movement
    Cultural Revolution
  124. "Burn down the hotel" was part of this event
    Rwandan Genocide
  125. There was a car bombing in this city in 1976
    Washington, DC
  126. Francisco de Almeida was the first to explore this island
    Sri Lanka
  127. This was purchased in the hopes of connecting all of the Southern railroads
    Gadsden Purchase
  128. Lake Chew Bahir is an extinct lake in this country
  129. This work is divided into 34 parts
    Summa Theologica
  130. This man was the brother of Atahualpa
  131. This act was repealed by the Magnuson Act
    Chinese Exclusion Act
  132. This president signed into law the Chinese Exclusion Act
    Chester A Arthur
  133. This man gave the "Freedom National; Slavery Sectional" and the "Barbarism of Slavery" speeches
    Charles Sumner
  134. The Somoza Dynasty controlled this Latin American nation
  135. The Bryan-Chomorro Treaty concerned a contraction project in this country
  136. This man led the August Revolution
    Ho Chi Minh
  137. This man succeeded Concino Concini as minister
    Cardinal Richelieu
  138. The Dikti Mountains run through this island
  139. This man was the first secretary of foreign affairs
    John Jay
  140. Parkison's Ferry was a meeting place for this rebellion
    Whiskey Rebellion
  141. James Hamilton and Mary of Guise were the regents of this ruler
    Mary, Queen of Scots
  142. This philosopher coined the term "paradigm shift"
    Thomas Kuhn
  143. There was a battle at St. Mark's in these wars
    Seminole Wars
  144. This man convened the Synod of Frankfurt
  145. There is a "poetic" form of this philosophy
  146. This Chinese dynasty extended the Grand Canal
    Han Dynasty
  147. Bandi Chhor is near the "new year" of this religion
  148. This man sponsored the Seamen's Act
    Robert LaFollette
  149. The Battle of Chantilly occurred just after this battle
    Second Battle of Bull Run
  150. This economist talked about the existence of "Spontaneous Order"
    FA Hayek
  151. This king was succeeded by David II
    Robert the Bruce
  152. This ruler won the Battle of Loudoun Hill
    Robert the Bruce
  153. This king signed the Treaty of Northampton
    Robert the Bruce
  154. This psychologist wrote Psychology and Alchemy
    Carl Jung
  155. This thinker wrote The Use and Abuse of History
    Friedrich Nietzsche
  156. This monarch was excommunicated by Pius V
    Elizabeth I
  157. This monarch put down the Northern Rebellion
    Elizabeth I
  158. This politician implemented the Treaty of Sevres
    Kemal Ataturk
  159. This economist coined the term "Price Signaling"
    FA Hayek
  160. This king issued the Code Noir
    Louis KIV
  161. During his reign, Rome defeated a revitalized Parthian Empire
    Marcus Aurelius
  162. This pope was the contemporary of Charlemagne
    Leo III
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