Bobby's Random Notes XXVI

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  1. The Onate Treaty was an agreement among factions of this family
  2. This battle was preceded by a landing at Milford Haven
    Bosworth Field
  3. John Howard (Duke of Norfolk) was killed before this battle
    Battle of Bosworth Field
  4. Territory that had a "lash law"
  5. Joseph Lane was the first territorial governor of…
  6. Childeric III was the last ruler of…
  7. Second Caliph
  8. Beat the Sassanids at Qadisiyya
  9. The Power Elite
    C. Wright Mills
  10. Theorizes that the only competition among members of the titular group prevents it from having total control over society (Book)
    C. Wright Mills
  11. White Collar
    C. Wright Mills
  12. African American civil rights activist shot in 1963 in Mississipppi
    Medgar Wiley Evers
  13. Tuft of capillaries that helps filter blood in the kidney
    Bowman's Capsule
  14. Soviet Union WWII fighter
  15. Drafted a constitution for the Carolinas
  16. Worked with the Chosen Council
    Ivan the Terrible
  17. Contain tracheids
  18. Emperor's War was a theater of this war
    Thirty Years' War
  19. Rohan Wars were theaters of this war
    Thirty Years' War
  20. City on the Johor Strait
  21. Kautilva advised this man
  22. Wrote about the "Sick Soul"
    William James
  23. Wrote about the "Religion of Healthy-Mindedness"
    William James
  24. Coined the term "Stream of Consciousness"
    William James
  25. "The Moral Philosopher and the Moral Life"
    William James
  26. Brunners glands secrete stuff into this organ
    Small Intestine
  27. Colin Campbell led British troops during this event
    Sepoy Mutiny
  28. Mother was Jeanne d'Albret
    Henry IV
  29. Married to Margaret of Valois
    Henry IV
  30. US Marines fought the Cacos in this country
  31. Goal of Zen Buddhism
  32. Example is "What is the sound of one hand clapping?"
  33. Scandinavian guards of the Byzantine Empire
    Varangian Guard
  34. Platonic dialogue that says the universe was created by a "Divine Craftsman"
  35. First Shogunate
  36. Dominated by the Hojo Family
    Kamakura Shogunate
  37. Battle of Dannoura began this shogunate
  38. Hydroxyurea treats this disease
    Sickle Cell Anemia
  39. His Master Argument was that man only sees light and color
  40. Wrote about a "minute philosopher"
    George Berkeley
  41. Roman emperor who captured Caractacus
  42. Roman emperor who built the main port at Ostia
  43. Wrote the Mishneh Torah
  44. Wrote Guide for the Perplexed
  45. Succeeded Elijah Muhammad as leader of the Nation of Islam
    Louis Farrakhan
  46. This country has a port city at Nampho
    North Korea
  47. The Five Banis are a part of this religion
  48. Nitnem is a prayer practice in this religion
  49. Strauder v West Virginia's outcome was totally different from this case's outcome
    Plessy v Ferguson
  50. Defined as the pairing of contrasexual opposites
  51. Brother of Tostig
    Harold Godwinson
  52. Accords that recognized Algerian independence
    Evian Accords
  53. This prime minister tried to suppress the Chartist Movement
    Duke of Wellington
  54. This prime minister dueled with Lord Winchilsea
    Duke of Wellington
  55. The Two Whatevers Policy was a response to this initiative
    Cultural Revolution
  56. This city is the most populous city in Bolivia
    Santa Cruz
  57. This monarch won the Battle of Evesham
    Edward I
  58. This British monarch issued the Edict of Expulsion
    Edward I
  59. This French monarch was the son of Blanche of Castille
    Louis IX
  60. Jose Duarte was the dictator of this country during the 1980s
    El Salvador
  61. This psychologist wrote Germany Above All
    Emile Durkheim
  62. Bairam Khan tutored emperors of this empire
    Mughal Dynasty
  63. Alamgir II was an emperor of this dynasty
    Mughal Empire
  64. James Michael Curley was the four-time mayor of this city
  65. This leader replaced Manuel Belgrano
    Jose de San Martin
  66. This leader replaced Manuel Belgrano after the Battle of Tucuman
    Jose de San Martin
  67. This government put down the Vendee
    French Directory
  68. This government signed the Treaty of Campo Formio
    French Directory
  69. Joseph Arthur Ankrah led this country
  70. The Cavalier Parliament held rule during this monarch's reign
    Charles II
  71. This monarch signed the Treaty of Dover
    Charles II
  72. This man led the Popish Plot
    Titus Oates
  73. Algernon Sydney was implicated in this plot
    Rye House Plot
  74. The Pagan Empire ruled what is now this modern-day country
  75. This anthropologist contrasted the Engineer with the bricoleur
    Claude Levi-Strauss
  76. This anthropologist pursued Mythemes
    Claude Levi-Strauss
  77. The 228 Incident occurred in this country
  78. In this event, Muhammad went to Jerusalem, Heaven, and Hell
    Night Journey
  79. This is the proper name for Muhammad's journey from Mecca to Medina
  80. Epaminondas of the Sacred Band died at this battle
    Battle of Mantinea
  81. This thinker wrote The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life
    Erving Goffman
  82. The Forty Group tried to put down this uprising
    Mau Mau Uprising
  83. This government replaced the han system of administration
  84. The Saga and Shimpuren Revolts failed against this government
  85. This government gained money after the Mudan Incident
  86. The New Lights and Old Lights were pitted in this movement
    First Great Awakening
  87. This work describes the "architectonic" and "history" of its title concept
    Critique of Pure Reason
  88. This work contains a diagram of four sets of three categories
    Critique of Pure Reason
  89. This work puts forth the Transcendental Aesthetic
    Critique of Pure Reason
  90. This country worked with Germany in Operation Silver Fox
  91. This is the name of the reforms that occurred in the Ottoman Empire
    Tanzimat Reforms
  92. This country launched Operation Searchlight
  93. This thinker outlined 38 ways to win an argument
    Arthur Schopenhauer
  94. This thinker wrote The Art of Being Right
    Arthur Schopenhauer
  95. The winning troops at this battle were led by Arminius
    Teutoburg Forest
  96. This man won the Battle of the Camel
  97. This man's two sons were Hasan and Husayn
  98. This guy wrote The Philadelphia Negro
    WEB DuBois
  99. This Russian Premier signed SALT II
    Leonid Brezhnev
  100. Lawrence v Texas overturned this Georgia sodomy case
    Bowers v Hardwick
  101. Wu Ti was the emperor of this dynasty
    Han Dynasty
  102. This dynasty won the Battle of Mu-ye
    Zhou Dynasty
  103. This English king put down a revolt led by Robert, Earl of Gloucester
    Stephen of Blois
  104. The Nien Revolt took place during this rebellion
    Taiping Rebellion
  105. The Black Flag Army was a splinter group from this rebellion
    Taiping Rebellion
  106. The Hakka ethnic group was the main part of this rebellion
    Taiping Rebellion
  107. This philosopher wrote What I Believe
    Bertie Russell
  108. This thinker wrote Roads to Freedom
    Bertie Russell
  109. This lawyer argued Cohens v Virginia
  110. This prime minister wrote The State in its Relations with the Church
    William Gladstone
  111. Pharnaces II was the king of this kingdom
  112. This Anatolian kingdom had a capital at Amaseia
  113. This dictator was the dictator of Hungary until 1988
    Janos Kadar
  114. This empire had a capital at Tabriz
  115. One dictator of this country had the "Nw Order" Movement
  116. This anthropologist created the concept of "total prestation"
    Marcel Mauss
  117. This ruler was opposed by the League of the Public Weal
    Louis XI
  118. This monarch used Swiss forced to win the Battle of Nancy
    Louis XI
  119. This man's supporters were killed in the Ezeiza Massacre
    Juan Peron
  120. This case was limited in Whitney v California
    Schenck v US
  121. Maria Fitzherbert secretly married this king
    George IV
  122. This philosopher had a longstanding dispute with The Corsair
    Soren Kierkegaard
  123. This Roman emperor succeeded Carus
  124. This Roman emperor authored the Maximum Price Edict
  125. This Roman emperor won the Battle of Margus
  126. This David Hume "problem" states that one cannot derive a moral imperative from an existential statement
    Is-Ought Problem
  127. This Greek(Macedonian) king lost the Battle of Cynoscephalae
    Philip V
  128. Te Wherowhero was the first king of this people
  129. The Battle of the Clouds and the Paoli Massacre both were fought in this state
  130. The first Book of Common Prayer was written during this king's reign
    Edward VI
  131. Sancho VI the Wise ruled this kingdom
    Kingdom of Navarre
  132. In this work, Tocqueville wrote about the motives of the French Revolution
    Old Regime and Revolution
  133. This ruler dealt with an uprising led by Liudolf
    Otto I
  134. This ruler married Edith, daughter of Edward the Elder
    Otto I
  135. The Arpad Dynasty ruled this country before 1300
  136. This ruler won the Battle of Nazib
    Muhammad Ali
  137. This ruler won the Battle of Konya
    Muhammad Ali
  138. This anthropologist wrote that cultures fall within three stages
    Lewis Henry Morgan
  139. This anthropologist wrote about the cultural stages of savagery, barbarism, and civilization
    Lewis Henry Morgan
  140. This thinker wrote the Blue Book
    Ludwig Wittgenstein
  141. This king put down the Aragonese Crusade
    Philip III
  142. This work advocated "renouncing the fruit"
  143. This king was the son of Edgar the Wise
    Ethelred the Unready
  144. This king murdered his brother, Edward the Martyr
    Ethelred the Unready
  145. This Dane was a rival of Olaf I
    Sweyn Forkbeard
  146. This entity was formally abolished by the Treaty of Lisbon
    European Economic Community
  147. This man redesigned Paris for Napoleon III
    Baron Haussman
  148. This prime minister was murdered in Grenada, prompting a US invasion
    Maurice Bishop
  149. This event ended with the Compromise of Avranches
    Murder of Thomas a Beckett
  150. This thinker proposed "tychism"
    Charles Sanders Pierce
  151. This man won the Battles of La Carbonera and Miahuatlan
    Porfirio Diaz
  152. This ruler drafted the Plan of Tuxtepec
    Porfirio Diaz
  153. The Treaty of Madrid followed this battle
    Battle of Pavia
  154. This country's war for independence was inspired by the Orlov Revolt
  155. This thinker created a namesake law of emotion
    William James
  156. Nesili was the official language of this kingdom
  157. This battle caused the Germans to retreat to the Hindenburg Line
    Battle of the Somme
  158. Generals Rawlinson and Haig planned this WWI battle
    Battle of the Somme
  159. This man replaced Michael Debre as prime minister
    Georges Pompidou
  160. This tariff was passed during the second Cleveland administration
    Wilson-Gorman Tariff
  161. This guy was the leader of Singapore for a really long time
    Lee Kuan Yew
  162. William Walker led this republic out west in addition to Nicarague
    Republic of Sonora
  163. The Battle of Champions Hill preceded this event
    Siege of Vicksburg
  164. The Battle of Gibson preceded this event
    Siege of Vicksburg
  165. This man led the defense of Fort Frederica
    James Oglethorpe
  166. This battle was fought the same day as Rorke's Drift
  167. This linguist wrote Speech and Phenomena
    Jacques Derrida
  168. This battle is often called the beginning of the end of the Byzantine Empire
    Battle of Manzikert
  169. This guy won the Battle of Gaza
  170. This dynasty was called the Hermit Kingdom
    Choseon Dynasty
  171. This group fought in the Gollub and Hunger Wars
    Teutonic Knights
  172. This group's power was checked by the Lizard League
    Teutonic Knights
  173. This group was given sovereignty in the Treaty of Christburg
    Teutonic Knights
  174. The losing candidate in this election was hurt by a speech given by Charles Ogle
    Election of 1840
  175. The Jagellonian Dynasty held power in this kingdom
  176. This was the trade system between Great Britain and China
    Canton System
  177. Kangxi was the second emperor of this dynasty
    Qing Dynasty
  178. This rebellion was organized by Jemmy
    Stono Rebellion
  179. This rebellion ended when the group was recognized by William Bull
    Stono Rebellion
  180. Robert Hen and Thomas Matthew were killed and owed a debt in this rebellion
    Bacon's Rebellion
  181. Francistown is the second most populous city in this country
  182. Rene Barrientos was the subject of a notable revolt in this country
  183. Edmund Gettier was a proponent of this school
  184. Bertie Russell distinguished the "acquaintance" and "description" forms of this branch of philosophy
  185. This king was captured at the Battle of Northampton
    Henry VI
  186. This man led a botched expedition to rescue Emin Pasha
    Henry Stanley
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