Bobby's Random Notes XXVIII

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  1. This theologian wrote a work criticizing Averroes
    Thomas Aquinas
  2. This man wrote a work "contra gentiles"
    Thomas Aquinas
  3. The Tenth Article of this treaty ended the slave trade
    Treaty of Ghent
  4. Samuel Davies led this movement in Virginia
    First Great Awakening
  5. Tokugawa finally defeated Toyotomi at the siege of this castle
    Osaka Castle
  6. This Lake used to be named Lake Mobutu Sese Seko
    Lake Albert
  7. Lake No lies in this country
    South Sudan
  8. This committee succeeded the Overman and Fish Committees
  9. This capital city sits on the St. Jones River
  10. Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia all occupy this peninsula
    Delmarva Peninsula
  11. This text is the canonical text of Scientology
  12. This religion believes that Xenu brought humans to Earth
  13. This president authorized the Mexican Repatriation initiative
    Herbert Hoover
  14. This Supreme Court case was upheld in a case by Montana's Supreme Court
    Citizens United v FEC
  15. The DISCLOSE Act was a response to this Supreme Court case
    Citizens United v FEC
  16. One dictator's wife was notorious for her shoe collection in this country
  17. The People Power Revolution occurred in this country
  18. The Moro Crater Massacre occurred in this country
  19. George Washington Steele was the first territorial governor of this state
  20. The Cimarron Territory was supposed to be carved out of this state
  21. Boko Haram is a terrorist group in this country
  22. The Arusha Accords tried to stem the violence in this country
  23. Juvenal Habyarimana's death in a plane crash led to one event in this country
  24. Camaguey is a city on this island
  25. The Blue Cliff Record is a Chinese collections of sayings from this religion
  26. The Tengyur and Kangyur are sacred texts in one part of this religion
  27. This event followed the Declaration of Breda
    English Restoration
  28. This event included the Indemnity and Oblivion Act
    English Restoration
  29. This river names a valley in California
    San Joaquin
  30. The Dade Massacre occurred during these conflicts
    Seminola Wars
  31. Scotts Bluff is in this state
  32. Chimney Rock is in this state
  33. The Rainwater Basin, Wildcat Hills, and Sand Hills lie in this state
  34. This case drew precedent from the Hylton case
    Marbury v Madison
  35. This lake receives the Barguzin River
    Lake Baikal
  36. The Academician Ridge is an underwater ridge in this lake
    Lake Baikal
  37. This lake has two divided North and Central basins that are divided by an underwater ridge
    Lake Baikal
  38. As minister of health, this man authored the Widows, Orphans, and Old Age Pensions Act
    Neville Chamberlain
  39. Operation Searchlight opposed this country's independence
  40. Count d'Avaus and Marquis de Sable were the regents of this king
    Louis XIV
  41. Jose Napoleon Duarte was a dictator of this Central American country
    El Salvador
  42. The Persians lost this battle a year after Salamis
    Battle of Plataea
  43. Lake Pepin is a naturally occurring wide portion of this river
    Mississippi River
  44. This is a spring holiday in this Hinduism
  45. These conflicts began after Charles Elliott ended a blockade
    Opium Wars
  46. This thinker wrote Dialectics of Nature
    Friedrich Engels
  47. This thinker distinguished "Utopian and Scientific" ideals
    Friedrich Engels
  48. This island's highest point is the Jade Mountain
  49. To the east of this island are the Yaeyama Islands
  50. The Tanana River flows through this river
  51. This president proposed his "New Freedom"
    Woodrow Wilson
  52. This president nominated Louis Brandeis to the Supreme Court
    Woodrow Wilson
  53. This man promoted educating farmers through the Smith-Lever Act
    Woodrow Wilson
  54. Juan Sebastian Elcano succeeded this explorer
    Ferdinand Magellan
  55. This woman is a favorite to succeed Sarkozy as president
    Marine Le Pen
  56. Lulalilo was a king of this region
  57. The Chamorro people are indigenous to this island
  58. Hagatna is the capital of this island
  59. This king consolidated power with the Glencoe Massacre
    William III of Orange
  60. This king accepted an invitation from the Immortal Seven to rule
    William III of Orange
  61. This man is the longest-serving Supreme Court justice in US history
    William Douglas
  62. The Thousand Islands lie at the head of this river
    Saint Lawrence River
  63. This man won the Battle of Vincy
    Charles Martel
  64. The "donut hole" in this part of Medicare will be phased out by 2020
    Medicare Part D
  65. The world's largest church lies in this country
    Ivory Coast
  66. The "18 Mountains" lie in the west of this country
    Ivory Coast
  67. This man was captured along with Slidell in the Trent Affair
  68. The Treachery of the Blue Books criticized education in this region
  69. The Gaspe Peninsula lies in this province's southeast
  70. The Laurentian Mountains run through this region
  71. This man's son Shah Rukh reunited his realm
  72. This man won the Battle of the Kur River
  73. This man won the Battle of Ankara, capturing Bayezid I
  74. This man's brother-in-law was Amir Husayn
  75. Rogers' Rangers burned St. Francis during this war
    French and Indian War
  76. Jacob Zuma succeeded this former South African president
    Thabo Mbeki
  77. This city is Iraq's second-most populous city
  78. Louis Farrakhan organized this march with the Nation of Islam
    Million Man March
  79. This man criticized the Austrians in Ludwig von Mises' Theory of Money
    John Maynard Keynes
  80. The first of these events occurred in Ottawa
    Lincoln-Douglas debates
  81. This lake receives the Muddy River and the Virgin River
    Lake Mead
  82. This lake's southernmost portion is the Boulder Basin
    Lake Mead
  83. This lake fills the Gregg and Temple basins
    Lake Mean
  84. This lake's Overton Arm received the Muddy River
    Lake Mead
  85. This man succeeded his father Nabopolassar
    Nebuchadnezzar II
  86. This man was succeeded by Amel-Marduk
    Nebuchadnezzar II
  87. This thinker wrote Book on Adler
    Soren Kierkegaard
  88. This man ousted many members of the Sforza family in one scheme
    Cesare Borgia
  89. This man's brothers included Gioffre and Giovanni
    Cesare Borgia
  90. Maronite Christians settled this Middle Eastern city
  91. These brothers staged robberies with Jesse James
    Younger Brothers
  92. This party allied with the Liberal Democrats
    Conservative Party
  93. This country's second-most populous city is Daugavpils
  94. This man's government signed the Cyprus Convention with the Ottomans
    Benjamin Disraeli
  95. This president created a commission to revise the Burlingame Treaty
    Rutherford B Hayes
  96. This president vetoed the Bland-Allison Act
    Rutherford B Hayes
  97. The PKK seeks independence for Kurdistan in this country
  98. This ruler's sister was Maria II, who was placed on the throne of another country
    Dom Pedro II
  99. This city's main thoroughfare is known as "Bell Street"
  100. To this island's east are the Passage Islands
    Puerto Rico
  101. James Madison lived at this tobacco plantation house
  102. The European Court of Justice is in this country
  103. Grand Duke Henri rules this country
  104. The siege of Kimberley occurred during this conflict
    Boer War
  105. The Battle of Paardeberg occurred during this war
    Boer War
  106. This thinker gave his Ingersoll Lecture on "human immortality"
    William James
  107. This thinker gave a set of Gifford Lectures
    William James
  108. This thinker spoke about the "reality of the unseen"
    William James
  109. This thinker discussed the "divided self"
    William James
  110. This thinker discussed the "Sick Soul"
    William James
  111. This organization led the Algerian independence movement
  112. This explorer sailed up the Davis Strait to his namesake bay
    William Baffin
  113. Fort St. George was the foundation of this city
  114. This thinker wrote Elements of Pure Economics
    Leon Walras
  115. Ships in this body of water can pass each other in the Ballah By-Pass
    Suez Canal
  116. The Black Guards fought in the name of anarchists in this conflict
    Russian Civil War
  117. William Seward accused this president of being a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle
    Franklin Pierce
  118. This president sponsored Matthew Perry's expedition to Japan
    Franklin Pierce
  119. This president supported the Ostend Manifesto
    Franklin Pierce
  120. This president engineered the Gadsden Purchase
    Franklin Pierce
  121. This war hero from Kentucky served as Van Buren's vice president
    Richard Johnson
  122. This election prompted the 12th Amendment
    Election of 1800
  123. James Bayard helped sway the outcome of this election
    Election of 1800
  124. The Ross Bill was defeated in this election
    Election of 1800
  125. This election was decided by the 36th ballot of the House of Representatives
    Election of 1800
  126. This emperor boasted about his work managing his corn supply
  127. This man sent his stepson to crown Tigranes as King of Armenia
  128. This city was defended against an Ottoman siege by John Hunyadi in 1456
  129. This city lies at the eastern end of Syrmia
  130. This river flows through the Ozarks and into the Missouri River
    Osage River
  131. Antioch lies on this river
    Orontes River
  132. This city is the capital of French Guyana
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