deaf culture

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  1. Willam stoke
    Invented sign language
  2. Martha Vineyard
  3. Charles Miduel Abbe De
    1755 First school for the deaf
  4. First American School for the deaf
  5. Alice Cogswell
    First student of american school for the deaf
  6. Texas deaf school
  7. American sign Language
    It recongized as language 1960
  8. National Theatre for the deaf
    1967 was established
  9. A
    asl, awearewarness ,ask question, Alexandar graham bell, Alice cogwell
  10. B
    Bilingual, bicultural, blunt,
  11. C
    culture, coda, cocheal implant, classifers, close caption, closenet, Clerk
  12. d
    Deaf, deaf, diverse , deaf clubs, determination, dst, deaf community, dpn
  13. F
    Facial expession, fingerspelling
  14. G
    gestures, goodbyes, Gallduet, glossing
  15. H
    Handshapes, Hard of hearing, HUGS, Handwriting, Hearing Aids, Hoy
  16. I
    Interpreter, Independence, Intelligence , Incidental learning
  17. J
    Jokes, Jugon
  18. K
    Kicthen, Kmart interpreter
  19. L
    Lights, Lipreading, labeling
  20. M
    Martha Vineyard, Manually coded english, Muscles, Mainstreaming, mouthing
  21. N
    National theatre for the deaf, National Inc, National Association of the deaf, Interpreter Association , Noise
  22. O
    oralism, oppression, open space
  23. P
    Pointing, perimeter, pen and paper, Pah, Pse
  24. Q
    Quality, question, quiet
  25. R
    Residental schools, RID, Restigal hearing, Retirement home for the deaf, Rochester method
  26. S
    spreech reading, stokie, see, signing, stomping on the floor, slient nite, slient news, slient features
  27. T
    tty, touch, total communitcation, TSId, translation
  28. u
    use of concept
  29. V
    visual language, vibrations, video rely service, video phone, visual aid, values, George Ventiz, voice
  30. w
    waving, walking through conversation
  31. X
    xtreme frustration deaf and hearign
  32. y
  33. z
    letter z
  34. dpn
    march 6-13
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