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  1. Epi Dose IV or IO? ET tube?
    .01mg/kg 1:10000

    .1mg/kg 1:1000 ( 10 times the dose)
  2. What is the proper dose of dextrose? d25 from what age? d10 for what age?
    .5-1.0 grams/kg d 25 from 6 mo. up d10 less than 6mo.
  3. what part of a childs airway narrows?
    cricoid cartilage
  4. what is the prenatal period?
    time from conception to delivery
  5. pts with preexisting heart conditions may develope what due to the increase in blood volume?
  6. up until what week is it known as an embryo?
    8 weeks
  7. from 8weeks - birth what is it called?
  8. the first trimester is from?
    2-12 weeks
  9. what is abortion?
    termination of preg before the 20th week of gestation
  10. what is ectopic preg?
    fetus plants outside the uterus- life threat
  11. what is placenta previa?
    fetus implants on the lowere half of he uterine wall- painless bright read bleeding
  12. what are the signs and symptoms of abuptio placentae?
    tearing pain, boardlike abd, sometimes bleeding sometimes not
  13. how do u fix braxton-hicks contractions?
    gives fluids- stops ahd and oxytocin
  14. how do u fix eclampsia?
    mag sulfate- diazepam ( valium)
  15. when does preelampsia usually occur?
    in the last 10 weeks
  16. what is a normal fetal heart rate?
  17. what is puerperium?
    the time period surrounding the birth of the fetus
  18. what are the 3 stages of birth?
    dilation- birth of fetus- birth of placenta
  19. when do u assess with the apgar score?
    1 and 5 mins
  20. what is normal rr for neonates?
  21. a hr for a neonates less than 60 do what?
    chest compressions
  22. hypoxia causes what?
  23. whats the max time to suction?
    10 secs
  24. infants are what age?
    6-12 months
  25. what age group do u do a toe-head?
    toddlers 1-3 years
  26. preschoolers what age?
    3-5 years
  27. what is the carefree age group?
    school age 6-12 years
  28. adolescents are what age group?
    13-18 years - listen to what they say as well as what they dont say
  29. what is the sallicks maneuver?
    pressure placed on the cricoid cartilage compressing the esophagus which reduces regurgitation and helps bring the vocal cords into view.
  30. after what age can u used a cuffed et tube?
    8 years
  31. patients age +16/ 4 is what?
    size of et tube youll need
  32. what are the 2 problems taht lead to cardiapulmonary arrest in children?
    shock- resp failure
  33. what is the dose for fluid bolus?
    • 10 mg/kg infant
    • 20 mg/kg older
  34. 2 common upper respiratory infections?
    croup - apiglottitis
  35. 2 lower respiratory emergencies?
    • asthma
    • - bonchiolitis
  36. what are s&s of croup?
    brassy cough- viral infection often winter and fall 6mo.- 4 years old
  37. s&s of epiglottitis?
    life threat bacterial infection- high temp- brassy cough- drooling- usually 3-7 years of age
  38. what is a med control option for croup and epiglottitis?
    apt 1:1000 .01-.03 mg/kg sq
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