Cult Lit B3

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  1. Photosynthesis
    use by green plants of the energy in sunlight to carry out chemical reactions
  2. Phylum
    one of the major divisons fo the kingdoms of living things
  3. Physiology
    the study of the function of living things, including such processes as nutrition, movement, and reproduction
  4. Pistil
    the female part of the plant
  5. plant kingdom
    one of the five kingdoms of living things
  6. pollen
    the male sex cellas in plants
  7. pollination
    the carrying of pollen grains to the female sex cells for fertilization
  8. proteins
    complex organic molecules made up of amino acids
  9. protista
    the kingdom of organisms, mostly single celled, whose cell contain a nucleus
  10. protoplasm
    the jelly-like material in a cell, both inside and outside the nucleus, where the chemical reactions that support life take place
  11. protozoa
    single-celled animal, such as amoebas, that are the most primitive form of animal life
  12. punctuated equilibrium
    a possible pattern for evolution; in p.e., e long periods of little change in living things are interrupted by short periods of rapid change.
  13. recessive trait
    in genetics, a trait that must be contributed by both parents in order to appear in the offspring
  14. recombinant DNA
    techniques, usually associated with genetic engineering, in which strands of DNA from different sources are spliced together to form DNA for a new life form.
  15. Respiration
    the conversion of oxygen by living things into energy by which they continue life.
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