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  1. a-
    without, absence of
  2. de-
  3. di-
  4. dys-
    bad, abnormal, painful, difficult
  5. hemi-
  6. hydro-
  7. hyper-
    excessive, abnormally high, above
  8. mono-
  9. pan-
    all, entire
  10. para-
    near, alongside, departure from normal
  11. poly-
  12. pre-
  13. sub-
    below, beneath
  14. tetra-
  15. alges/o
  16. angi/o
    blood vessel
  17. arachno/o
  18. arteri/o
  19. ather/o
    fatty substance
  20. cephal/o
  21. cerebll/o
    little brain, cerebellum
  22. cerebr/o
    brain, cerebrum
  23. cran/o
  24. dur/o
  25. embol/o
    a plug
  26. encephal/o
  27. gangli/o
    knot, swelling
  28. gli/o
  29. gnos/o
  30. lumb/o
    loin, lower back
  31. lys/o
    break apart, dissolution
  32. mening/o
  33. ment/o
    the mind
  34. myel/o
    spinal cord, medulla, myelin sheath, bone marrow
  35. narc/o
  36. neur/o
    sinew or cord; nerve, fascia
  37. phasi/o
  38. plegi/o
  39. poli/o
  40. psych/o
    the mind
  41. quadr/o
  42. radic/o
    nerve root
  43. scler/o
    thick, hard, sclera
  44. somat/o
  45. spin/o
    spine, thorn
  46. thalam/o
    inner chamber
  47. thromb/o
  48. vascul/o
    small vessel
  49. -algia
  50. -asthenia
  51. -cele
    hernia, swelling, protrusion
  52. -esthesia
    sensation, perception
  53. -gram
    a record
  54. -logist
    one who studies
  55. -lysis
    to loosen, dissolve
  56. -malacia
  57. -iatry
    treatment, specialty
  58. -ic
    pertaining to
  59. -itis
  60. -lepsy
  61. -oid
  62. -paresis
    paralysis (minor)
  63. -phagia
    eating or swallowing
  64. -phasia
  65. -plegia
  66. -troph
    nourishment, development
  67. arachn
  68. cerebell
    little brain
  69. cerebr
    cerebrum or brain
  70. crani
    skull, cranium
  71. encephal
  72. gangli, ganglion
    swelling, knot
  73. mening
  74. myel, spinal cord, bone
    spinal cord, medulla, myelin sheath
  75. neur
    sinew or cord, nerve
  76. spin
  77. thalam
    inner chamber
  78. neuroscience
    study of nervous system
  79. neurology
    medical application within the nervous system field of medicine
  80. aphasia
    inability to speak
  81. cephalalgia
  82. dysphasia
    difficulty speaking
  83. hyperesthesia
    increased sensitivity to stimulation, such as touch or pain
  84. neuralgia
    pain in a nerve
  85. neurasthenia
    vague condition of body fatigue often associated with depression
  86. paresthesia
    abnormal sensation of numbness and tingling without an objective cause
  87. agnosia
    loss of the ability to interpret sensory information
  88. alzheimer's disease
    deterioration of brain function characterized by confusion, short term memory loss, and restlessness
  89. amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
    Lou Gehrig's disease
    progressive atrophy of muscle caused by hardening of nervous tissue on lateral columns of spinal cord
  90. cerebellitis
    inflammation of the cerebllum
  91. cerebral aneurysm
    type of cerebral vascular disease in which a blood vessel supplying the brain becomes dilated
  92. cerebral arteriosclerosis
    type of cerebral vascular disease characterized by hardening of the arteries of the brain
  93. cerebral atherosclerosis
    type of cerebral vascular disease in which a build up of fatty plaque on the inside wall of a vessel supplying the brian results in reduced blood flow
  94. cerbral embolism
    presence of an embolism (mobile clot) in a vessel supplying the brain
  95. cerebral palsy
    condition revealed by partial muscle paralysis that is caused by a brain defect or lesion present at birth or shortly after
  96. cerebral thrombosis
    thrombosis (blood clot) within vessels supplying the brain
  97. cerebrovascular accident
    thrombosis, embolism, or hemorrhage, this disrupts blood supply to brain resulting in stroke or death
  98. cerbrovascular disease
    general disorder resulting from a change withine one or more blood vessels supplying the brain
  99. coma
    deep sleep
    general term describing several levels of decreased consciousness
  100. concussion
    injury to brain caused by violent movement of head, and includes symptoms of vertigo and loss of consciousness
  101. dementia
    'not in the mind', impairment of mental function that is characterized by memory loss, disorientation, and confusion
  102. duritis
    inflammation of the dura mater
  103. encephalitis
    inflammation of the brain, caused by bacteria or virus
  104. encephalomalacia
    softening of brian tissue, due to deficit in blood flow
  105. epilepsy
    brain disorder characterized by recurrent seizures
  106. ganglitis
    inflammation of ganglion
  107. glioma
    tumor of neuroglial cells
  108. hemiparesis
    partial paralysis on one side of the body
  109. hemiplegia
    paralysis on one side of the body
  110. hydrocephalus
    increased volume of CSF in brain ventricles of child before cranial sutures have sealed, causing enlargement of cranium
  111. meningioma
    benign tumor of the meninges
  112. meningitis
    inflammation of meninges, usually caused by bacterial or viral infection
  113. meningocele
    protrusion of the meninges through an opening caused by a defect in the skull or spinal column
  114. meningomyelocele
    protrusion of the meninges and spinal cord through the spinal column
  115. monoparesis
    partial paralysis of one limb
  116. monoplegia
    paralysis of one limb
  117. multiple sclerosis
    deterioration of myelin sheath covering axons within brain, exhibited by episodes of localized functional losses
  118. myelitis
    inflammation of spinal cord
  119. narcolepsy
    sleep disorder characterized by sudden uncontrollable attacks of sleep, attacks of paralysis, and hypnagogic hallucinations
  120. Neuritis
    inflammation of a nerve
  121. neuroarthropathy
    disease of the nervous system resulting in pain within one or more joints
  122. neuroma
    general term for any tumor originating from nervous tissue
  123. neurosis
    emotional disorder involving a counterproductive way of dealing with stress
  124. palsy
    paralysis of localized areas; most common is bell's palsy with loss of facial muscles
  125. paraplegia
    paralysis from waist down
  126. parkinson's disease
    chronic degenerative disease of brian indicated by hand tremors, rigidity, expressionless face, and shuffling gait
  127. poliomyelitis
    inflammation of gray matter in spinal cord
  128. polyneuritis
    inflammation of many nerves at one time
  129. psychopathy
    disease of the mind
  130. psychosis
    incapacitating mental disorder indicated by gross distrotion of emotions, ncapactiy to recognize reality and relate to others
  131. psychosomatic
    pertaining to bothe mind and body
  132. quadriplegia
    paralysis of all four limbs
  133. radiculitis
    inflammation of spinal nerve roots
  134. radiculopathy
    disease of spinal nerve roots
  135. sciatica
    inflammation of sciatic nerve, producing pain that extends from thigh to the toes
  136. seizure
    sudden attack of spasms or convulsions
  137. shingles
    viral infection of peripheral nerves that erupts as painful skin blisters along nerve tracts
  138. syncope
    fainting, usually caused by sudden loss of blood flow to brain
  139. transient ischemic attack
    blood flow loss temporarily to brain causing impairment
  140. anorexia nervosa
    behavioral eating disorders with low self image leading to intensive fear of weight gain
  141. anxiety disorder
    emotional instability caused by apprehension and mental tension over the anticipation of real or imagined events
  142. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
    learning disorder caused by failure to focus attention for a given perion of time due to abnormally high energy and impulsiveness.
  143. bipolar disorder
    mental disorder with experiences of extreme mood and energy episodes
  144. bulimia nervosa
    behavioral eating disorder involving uncontrolled eating
  145. clinical depression
    mental disorder characterized by overwhelmning feelings of sadness and despair, often accompanied by reduced energy and avoidance of social contacts
  146. obsessive-compulsive disorder
    mental disorder involving uncontrollable need to perform certain motor skill tasks, repetitive behaviors, rituals ...
  147. phobia
    emotional disorder characterized by an intense, irrational fear of an object, environment, or experience
  148. post-traumatic stress disorder
    emotional disorder characterized by extreme fear and anxiety resulting from a traumatic experience
  149. schizophrenia
    group of psychotic disorder...inability to distinguish reality and nonreality, disturbance of language, social withdrawal, fragmentation of cognitive functions
  150. analgesic
    agent that relieves pain
  151. anesthesia
    without feeling or sensation
  152. cerebral angiography
    x-ray photograph of blood vessels in brain follwoing injection of contrast medium
  153. computed tomogrpahy
    CT scan
  154. craniectomy
    excision of part of the skull to approach the brain
  155. craniotomy
    incision into the skull to approach the brain
  156. echoencephalography
    use of ultrasonogrpahy to record brain structures
  157. electroencephalography
    procedure recording electrical impulses of the brain
  158. ganglionectomy
    excision of a ganglion
  159. lumbar puncture
    aspiration of CSF from subarachnoid space in lumbar region of spinal cord
  160. myelogram
    x-ray photograph of spinal cord following injection of contrast dye
  161. neurectomy
    excision of a nerve
  162. neurology
    study and medical practice of nervous system
  163. neurolysis
    separating a nerve by removing adhesions
  164. neuroplasty
    surgical repair of a nerve
  165. neurrhaphy
    suture of a nerve
  166. neurotomy
    incision into a nerve
  167. positron emission tomography
    brian scan providing a map of blood flow within brain that can be correlated to brain activity
  168. psychiatry
    branch of medicine that addresses disorders of the brain
  169. psychology
    field of study of human behavior
  170. radicotomy
    incision into a nerve root
  171. subdural
    pertaining to below the dura mater
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