Bio Chp 27 Warm-up 1

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  1. Why are animals heterotrophs?
    Because they cannot make thier own food
  2. Are all multicellular?
  3. What percent of animals are invertebrates?
  4. How many living animal species do scientists estimate that there are?
    5-10 million
  5. What is the animal size range?
    From a pin head to enormous whales
  6. How many phyla does the animal kingdom include? What are most of these?
    • 35 phyla
    • Most are marine with far fewer in fresh water and fewer on land
  7. What are the three main phyla? Examples
    • Arthropoda (spiders, insects and crustaceans)
    • Mollusca (snails)
    • Chordata (vertebreates)
  8. What main phyla dominates animals life on land?
  9. What serparates sponges from all animals?
    Their cells aren't organized into structural and functional units called tissues
  10. What are animals most striking characteristic?
    Ability to move in more complex ways than other kingdoms
  11. How do animals move?
    By means of muscle cells
  12. What are muscle cells?
    Specialized cells able to contract with considerable force
  13. What is the remarkable form of movement unique to animals? With what animals is this well developed among?
    Flying; among both insects and vertebrates
  14. How do most animals reproduce?
  15. What are the simplest animals?
  16. How many species of sponges are there? What are most of those?
    9,000; most are marine
  17. What do sponges usually attach to? Examples
    Hard substrates such as rocks, pilings, or animals sucha s crabs or bivalves
  18. What is the range of sponge size?
    From a centimeter to more than 2 meters
  19. What do the bodies of most spnges completely lack? Why?
    Symmetry because they don't have body parts that grow around a central point or a central axis as do all other animals
  20. Except for sponges, what other animals have symmetry?
    All other animals
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