History exam 1

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  1. This is NOT an example of an activity in the election pathway
    Lobbying an elected official
  2. The average american is most likley to participate in which pathway?
    elections pathway
  3. pathways of action are the activities, institutions, and decision points that...
    shape law and public policy
  4. According to data complied by the cencsus bureau, which americal population group is increased most quickly in size
  5. which is NOT an element of stability in a political system
    frequent changes in elected leadership
  6. an example of pure democracy
    participating in a town hall meeting
  7. the articles of confederation____ the US constitution.
  8. The constitutional convention met in May of 1787 for the purpose of _____the articles of confederation
  9. one of the main objects of those who participated in the constitutional convention way to....
    balance liberty and stability
  10. d
  11. a description of the respective roles of each branch of government
    the legislature makes the law, the exective carries the law into force, and the courts resolve disputes over the law.
  12. The powers explicitly granted to the national gov by the us constitution are usually referred to as....
    expresed powers
  13. ther seriees of documents supporting ratification of the new constitution and written under the pseudonym publius in ney york city newspapers was the....
    Federalist papers
  14. a system of gov i ehich leaders face few formal legal restrictions but are checked by noninstitutional forces such as political parties, religious groups, or business leaders is referred to as...
    an authoritarian regime
  15. the ability of congress to override a presidental veto is ...
    checks and balances
  16. the costitution can be amended by two-thirds vote in favor in both houses of congress and ratification by
    three quarters of the state legislatures
  17. how many natural harbors does ca have
  18. redwood tree found in ca are.....
    one of the worlds largest trees
  19. mineral found in ca wold prove to be even more lucrative than gold?
  20. how many mission would eventually be established in ca
  21. the treaty of guadalupe hudalgo the following EXCEPT
    make ca a US state
  22. manifest destiny was the belief that...
    the united states had a divine mission to be a world power.
  23. mant californios and mexican settlers lost their land and property rights due to:
    the gold rush of 1849
  24. a nonpartisan farmers organization that took an active role in california politics
  25. most prominent leader of the progressive movement in ca was
    hiram johnson
  26. anti-asian setiment was expressed in ca during the progressibe era when....
    the alien land bill was introduced and approved by state government
  27. the ___- is a winner-take-all modle used for presidental elections in forty-eight out of 50 states.
    unite rule
  28. wo would be nominated as the democratic party candidate for president at the 1968 democratic national party convention in chicago
    hurbert humphrey
  29. in a ___ primary used in most states voters pick delegates who are pleded to support a particular candidate
  30. in a ____ system rank-and-file party memebrs attend neighborhood meetiongs share ideas and concerns about particualr candidates and cast ballot for pledged delegates to attend statewide meeting
    nomination caucus
  31. which two states are normally afforded the privilege of golding the first promary and caucus in the predidental election cycle
    lowa and now hampshire
  32. she is told she cannot vote in the republican primary because she is not a registered member of the party. Her state must eb using a _____
    closed primary system
  33. The sustem court in Buckley v. valeo ruled that....
    campaign expenditures are protected by the first amendment
  34. what ristricted votin gin the early days of the republic
    religious qualifications, tax payment requirements, property ownership requirements
  35. sinces 1824___ presidents have been elected without receiving a mojority of the vote
  36. the ____ primary system in which voters are allowed to participate in the primary election without declaring membership in a party
  37. in a ____ promary used in half of the states voters pick delegates who are pledgeed to support a particular candidate
  38. prop 13 was an initiative to amend the state constitution regarding....
    taxation particularly property taxes
  39. an officeholder can be successfully recalled..
    ia a simple mojority votes for the recall
  40. a petition referendum is rare because
    its difficult to collect enough signatures in 90 days
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