Dosage and Calculations

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  1. NS
    • Normal Saline
    • 0.9%
  2. 1/2 NS
    • One Half Normal Saline
    • 0.45%
  3. D5W
    Dextrose 5% in Water
  4. 5% D/W
    Dextrose 5% in Water
  5. D5RL
    Dextrose 5% and lactated Ringer
  6. RL
    Lactated Ringer
  7. RLS
    Lactated Ringer Solution
  8. D5NS
    Dextrose 5% in sodium chloride
  9. D5 and 1/2 NS
    Dextrose 5% in 0.45% sodium chloride
  10. ____ are ordered for a client who has lost fluids because of things such as diarrhea, vomiting, hemorrhage.
    Replacement fluids
  11. _____ help to sustain normal levels of fluids and electrolytes for clients at risk for depletion.
    Maintenance Fluids
  12. Peripheral line
    a vein in the arm, hand, or scalp in an infant
  13. Central line
    A special catheter is used to access a large vein into the right atrium.
  14. What is the formula for calculating a child's BSA?
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