Vocab 28-30

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  1. coup d'état
    a sudden overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group
  2. élan
    • enthusiastic vigor and liveliness; zest
    • style; flair
  3. entrée
    • the liberty to enter; admittance
    • the main course of a meal
  4. esprit de corps
    a common feeling of devotion to a cause among the members of a group; team; spirit; comradeship
  5. laissez faire
    • an economic doctrine that opposes governmental regulation of commerce beyond the minimum necessary for a free-enterprise system to operate according to its own economic laws
    • noninteference in the affairs of others
  6. nouveau riche
    • a person who has recently become rich, especially one who flaunts his or her wealth
    • referring to the actions of such a person
  7. par excellence
    • superior; outstanding; of the highest degree
    • outstandingly
  8. potpourri
    • a combination of diverse elements; medley
    • a mixture of dried flower petals and spices kept in a jar and used to scent the air
  9. savoir-faire
    the ability to say and do the appropriate thing in any situation; tact
  10. tete-á-tete
    • a private conversation between two people
    • together without the intrusion of a third person; in intimate privacy
  11. abstract
    • concerned with designs or shapes that do not represent any recognizable person or thing
    • considered apart from concrete existance
    • theoretical rather than practical
  12. aesthetic
    • of or pertaining to the sense of the beautiful
    • having the love of beauty
    • artistic
    • of or pertaining to the criticism or taste
  13. avant-garde
    • a group, as of writers and artists, who are the leaders in inventing unconventional styles and new techniques in a given field
    • of or exhibiting new or advanced ideas, as in the arts; ultramodern
  14. ecletic
    • choosing what appears to be the best from diverse sources, systems, or styles
    • consisting of elements taken from diverse sources
  15. grotesque
    • characterized by ludicrous or incongrous distortion
    • extravagant; outlandishl bizarre
  16. hackneyed
    lacking in freshness because of overuse; trite
  17. perspective
    • the technique of representing objects on a flat surface so that they have a three-dimentional quality
    • a view or vista
    • point of view; one's manner of viewing things
    • a mental view of the relationships of the aspects of a subject to each other and to a whole
  18. representational
    of or pertaining to realistic graphic portrayal in art; lifelike
  19. surrealistic
    • of or pertaining to the twentieth-century literary and artistic movement that attempts to express the workings of the subconcious by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtaposition of subject matter
    • characterized by unusual and unexpected arrangements and distortions of images
    • having an oddly dreamlike or unreal quality
  20. verisimilitude
    the quality of appearing to be true or real; likelihood
  21. buffoon
    • a clown; jester
    • a person given to making undignified or rude jokes
  22. farce
    • a comic play in which exaggerations and improbabilities of ploy and characterization are used for humorous effect
    • humor typical of a farce
  23. irony
    • the use of words to convey the opposite of their literal meaning; an expression or utterance marked by a deliberate contrast between the apparent and the intended meanings
    • incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs
  24. jocular
    • given to or characterized by joking; fun-loving
    • meant in jest; facetious
  25. lampoon
    • a broad comic piece that uses ridicule to attack a person, group, or institution
    • a light, good-natured criticism
    • to ridicule or criticize
  26. levity
    a light manner or attitude, especially when inappropriate; frivolity; flippancy
  27. parody
    • a comic imitation of a person, literary work, or style that exaggerates the characteristics of the original to make it seem ridiculous
    • a performance so bad as to be equivalent to intentional mockery
  28. raillery
    good-natured teasing; banter
  29. regale
    • to delight or entertain; give pleasure to
    • to entertain lavishly with food and drink; provide a feast for
  30. satirical
    of, relating to, or characterized by a sarcastic, mocking, or witty attack on human vice or folly, sometimes with the intent to bring about improvement
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