Male-Female Differences

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  1. The qualities associated with being a man.
  2. The qualities associated with being a woman.
  3. What are some physical differences between males and females?
    Height, facial hair, genitalia, hormones
  4. Typically describes as emotional, nurturing, submissive, sociable, poor at math, passive, and suggestible.
  5. Typically described as rational, independent, dominant, objective, aggressive and active.
  6. Both males and females find what characteristics desirable?
  7. Males tend to have better spatial skills, while females have better...
    Verbal skills
  8. Males are more aggressive, while females are better...
  9. This approach says that differences in traits arise from emotional responses to differences in the physical structure of boys and girls, such as castration anxiety, penis envy, and identification with same-sex parents.
    Psychoanalytic approach
  10. Said that male traits are tied to outward-extending genitalia, and female traits are tied to internal genitalia.
  11. Said that women envy men's opportunities in society, not their penises.
    Karen Horney
  12. The feminine inner personality that is present in the unconscious of males.
  13. The masculine inner personality that is present in the unconsciou of females.
  14. Who said that the healthy personality incorporates masculine and feminine traits, both yin and yang?
  15. This says that gender-typed personality characteristics are attained through reinforcement, conditioning, shaping, and modeling.
    Behaviorist / Learning Approach
  16. This approach says that culture and gender-role socialization provide us with the gender schemas.
    Cognitive approach
  17. Organizes knowledge and experiences about one's environment.
  18. Act as "cognitive filters" through which we understand the abilities and appropriate behaviors of men and women.
  19. The biological/evolutionary approach says that successful reproduction requires that men have:
    many sexual partners
  20. The biological/evolutionary approach suggests that successful reproduction requires that women have:
    few, carefully selected sexual partners
  21. Biological/Evolutionary psychology states that men can get jealous due to:
    No 100% certainty of paternity.
  22. Biological/Evolutionary Psychology says that women can be jealous because they:
    Face the risk of mate abandoning them.
  23. These people are more distressed at the thought of partners enjoying sexual relationships with someone else.
  24. These people aare more distressed at thoughts of partners falling deeply in love with another person.
  25. Tend to be attracted to youth, beauty, and other signs of fertility.
  26. Tend to be more attracted to signs of material resources.
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