basic care

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  1. Healthy elimination requires an intake of
    2000ml – 3000ml/ day
  2. no urine being produced by the kidneys or total urine produce in 24 hours less than 100mL/24hours
    • Anuria
  3. total urinary output- between 100-400ml/24hrs
    • Oliguria
  4. Toilet training begin
    after 18th month of life
  5. Amount of urine removed each time
    Removes 350-400 ml each time
  6. Using small part of ileum segment of small intestine as bladder to which ureter drains freely
    • Ileal Conduit Urinary Diversion
  7. Using right colon( large colon) and ileum to construct a reservoir
    Kock Pouch Reservoir
  8. a. Involves diversion of ureter straight out to the abdominal skin rather than empty into a reservoir
  9. used to decompress stomach by removing gastric contents
    • Levine Tube
  10. Double lumen nasogastric tube
    Salem sump tube:

  11. a tube passed from mouth to stomach with a large suction lumen.
    Used to remove toxic substances from the stomach- such as drug overdose
    • Lavacuator tube

  12. A long double-lumen tube passed through the nose the esophagus, the stomach into the small intestine.
    • Miller-Abbott tube
  13. A single-lumen long tube with a small inflatable bag at the distal end
    • Cantor tube

  14. Approximately________ of formula is administered over a 30- to 60-minute period every 3 to 6 hours.
    300 to 400 ml
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