Biology3 Lab11

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  1. genetics
    scientific study of heredity
  2. heredity
    the transmission of traits from one generation to the next
  3. gene
    a segment of DNA along the length of a chromosome that codes an organism for a particular trait
  4. allele
    alternate versions of the same gene
  5. who was Gregor Mendel and what ideas did he develope?
    a monk who develpoed ideas on heredity decades before chromosomes were observed under the microscope
  6. character
    a heritable feature that varies among individuals in a population
  7. trait
    a variation within a character
  8. true-breeding
    organisms that produce offspring with inherited traits identical to those of the parents
  9. cross-fertilization
    combining the gametes from two different individuals
  10. P generation
    the parents from which offspring are produced in the study of heredity
  11. hybrid
    the offspring of two parents that are different for one or more inherited traits
  12. monohybrid cross
    the mating of two individuals with different traits for one character
  13. F1 generation
    offspring of the P generation
  14. phenotype
    the physical expression of a trait in a organism inherited in a gene
  15. genotype
    the genetic composition of an organism determined by the alleles it has inherited
  16. Mendel's Law of Segregation
    each sperm or egg formed by a homologous chromosome separation during meiosis will contain only one of each parent's alleles, representing one trait for each inherited character
  17. incomplete dominance
    an inheritance in which the heterozygote's phenotype is an intermediate between the phenotypes of two types of heterozygotes
  18. dihybrid cross
    a mating between individuals that differ for two characters
  19. Mendel's Law of Independent Assortment
    the alleles of genes that represent different characters assort independently of each other when gametes are formed in meiosis
  20. dihybrid
    an organism that is heterozygous for each of the two genes being considered
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