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  1. the difference between a budget gap and a structual budget gap has to do with....
    how persistent the gap is
  2. the state legislature first and formost want to craft a budget that...
    will cater to their constituents and special interest groups who helped elect them
  3. what is backed by the "full faith and credit" of the state government
    general obligation bonds
  4. due to the two-thirds budget rule...
    minority party connot realistically disavow the final outcome of the budget process
  5. the state legislature first and formost wants to craft a budget that...
    will cater to the constitutional and special interest groups who help elect them
  6. what is NOT true about sales tax
    • its the same is all of ca
    • it is determined exclusivly by the state gov
    • it is considered a progressive tax
    • accounts for the largest portion of the states general fund
  7. what is true about the ca state budget
    it cantains little room for increased spending on environmental protection and state government resources.
  8. ca state operates in a pay-as-you-go system meaning that...
    nobody knows how much revenue especally in taxes will come in untill the end of the year
  9. which governor had to backpedal from his limited gov approach and approve tax increases due to pressure by various constituencies?
    ronald regan
  10. prop 22 resulted in a constitutional amendment restricting the use of.....
    fund earnmsrked for transportation and local gov
  11. the general trens in media ownership in the twentieth century has been...
    towards greater consolidation and concentration of ownership
  12. in what two ways is tv unique
    its immediacy and its visual content
  13. the difference in access to and mastetry of information and communication technology between segments of the community is know as....
    the technology gap
  14. research on portrayals of public officials in the mntertainment media indicates that since 1975 portrayls have become....
    overestimate the level of crime in society
  15. what percentage of the programming that children watch generally goes far beyond their life experiences making the potential for molding their minds greater than for adults
    80 %
  16. the president main spokesperson responsible for holding daily conferences with news media outlets in the...
    press secertary
  17. by 2001_______ large companies dominated the mass media
  18. the federal communications commision was established in
  19. the theroy that the media should provide both what the public wants and whats good for it is advocated by the ....
    libertsrisn theory
  20. members of the US house of representaties serve a term of
    4 years
  21. there are __ clauses in article 1 section 8
  22. the U.S senators have been directly elected by the people since the ratification of the ......
    seventeenth amendment
  23. most accurately describes the selection of senators
    one-third of the seats in the senate are elected every two years
  24. when the boundaries of an electoraldistrict are drawn to secure a partisan advantage___ is said to have occurred
  25. the precess of reallocating the number of seats assigned to each state in the US house of rep besed on changes in the popualtion of the states is known as
  26. there are _____ menmebers of the house of rep
  27. the process of reviewing and revisings a proposed piece of legislataion by a committee is generally referred to as..
  28. cracking refers to the...
    division of opposition voters into a wide number of electoral districts.
  29. The house committee resoinsible for establishing the terms and conditions of debate on a bill is the....
    rules committee
  30. the rationale for the rules report is...
    to establish rules regarding the consideration of executive decisons, streamine the legislative process and making things fair
  31. what senate rule signals to the rest of the chamber that it would be pointless to bring a piece of legislation to the floor
    a hold
  32. a senator who wants to stop debate and vote on a bill can attempt to
    invoke cloture
  33. the deference to seniority expected by new members of the senate is sometimes refered to as the...
    apprenticeship norm
  34. federal money and programs that largley of wholly benifi just one state or congressional district are often referred to as...
  35. in the context of the congressional legislative process logrolling refers to the ...
    reciprocal exchange of support for legislation
  36. prop 140
    limited the terms of office for californiastate legislators
  37. which of the following would be an example of a juice bill
    legislation giving a particular corporation a tax break
  38. members of the state legislature recive which of the folloing benifits///
    a cell phone
  39. the preaker pro tempore
    presides over assembly floor sessions in the absence of the speaker
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