Science Newtons Laws

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  1. How is inertia measured?
    Mass (kg)
  2. What is Weight?
    The force of gravity on an object. (vector)
  3. What is mass?
    The amount of matter in an object.(scalar)
  4. What is inertia?
    Resitance to change in motion.
  5. What is Newtons First Law?
    An object at rest remains at rest, an object in motion remains in motion, at constant speed in a straight line, unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.
  6. What is Netforce?
    Sum of all vector forces on an object.
  7. Newtons second law?
    An object subject to a net force will accelerate.
  8. How are Acceleration and force related?
    More force = more acceleration.
  9. What is the defintion of force?
    a push or pull.
  10. Examples of forces?
    Gravational forces, frictional froce, air resistance, magnetic and electrical forces, and tension.
  11. What is the Si unit of force?
  12. Is force a vector or a scalar quantity?
    A vector.
  13. How are acceleration and mass related?
    mass increases=acceleration decresases
  14. What is Newtons third law?
    For every action force there's an equal and opposite reaction force.
  15. What is the rule for friction?
    When it goes over static friction thats when you start using kinetic friction.
  16. Formula for mu
  17. What is newtons second law formula?
  18. What affects the amount of frictional force?
  19. What does force normal mean?
  20. what are the directions on a map? (up, right, down, left)
    north, east, south, west.
  21. example of action reaction forces
    you push on a wall
  22. What is the gravity in outerspace?
  23. What is the acceleration to gravity on the moon?
  24. What happens to an jobject if there are BALANCED forces acting on it?
    An object in motion will stay in motion, and object at rest will stay at rest.
  25. What happens to an object if there is an UNBALANCED force acting on it?
    It will change direction, or begin to move.
  26. Is mass scalar? or a vector?
  27. Is weight scalar or a vector?
    a vector
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