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  1. What year was Areopagatica published?
  2. Was Areopagitica published without a license?
  3. What government system had censored publishing before its destruction in 1641?
    the Court of the Star Chamber
  4. What type of style is Areopagitica written in?
    Classical oration
  5. What ancient work does Areopagitica recall?
    Isocrates' seventh oration: Areopagitic Discourse
  6. What does Milton mean when he says "heretic in the truth"?
    Faith not rationally tried by the believer is not true faith
  7. What is Areopagitic's main theme?
    Censorship of literature/publishing is wrong
  8. "Avenge O Lord" is which sonnet?
    Sonnet 18
  9. What is "Avenge O Lord" about?
    The unjustified, merciless massacre of the Vaudois by the Duke of Savoy's army
  10. "When I Consider" is which sonnet?
    Sonnet 19
  11. What is "When I Consider" about?
    The inability to use one's talent; specifically for Milton, the inability to write after the loss of his sight
  12. "Methought I Saw" is which sonnet?
    Sonnet 23
  13. "Methought I Saw" is about what?
    One of Milton's wives, though we're not sure which because we do not know the year it was written.
  14. What is the myth of Alcestis?
    Written by Euripides. Admetus can escape death by having someone die in his place; the only one willing his is wife, Alcestis. Hercules rescues her and she is returned, veiled, to Admetus
  15. Paradise Lost was originally going to be a
  16. In what year did Milton become completely blind?
  17. When did the Reformation begin?
  18. During the Reformation, who was placed on the throne?
    Charles II
  19. When was Paradise Lost first published?
  20. How many books did Paradise Lost originally have? When was it changed and how many are in the final version?
    10; 1674; 12
  21. When was Samson Agonistes first published?
  22. What kind of drama is Samson Agonistes?
    A Greek Tragedy
  23. What poem was Milton's first piece of published work?
    "On Shakespeare"
  24. Milton's years
  25. In what year did Charles Diodati die?
  26. In what year does the English Civil War begin?
  27. What is the name of Milton's first wife; what year did they marry; when did she leave him?
    Mary Powell; 1642; about a month later
  28. What religion was Milton?
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