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  1. bacon's rebellion 1676
    occurred when a citizen militia engaged in a series of raids against local native villages, killing locals
  2. pueblo revolt 1680
    occurred in modern day santa fe
  3. glorious revolution 1688
    occurred when parliament overthrew king james II & replaced him with his daughter mary and her husband william
  4. french and indian war
  5. pontiac's rebellion 1763
    occurred when ottawans led by chief pontiac launched an attack on colonial settlements in the great lakes region
  6. battle of saratoga 1777
    fought by generals benedict arnoold & horatio gates
  7. shays' rebellion 1786
    fought by daniel shays & farmers
  8. french revolution
  9. whiskey rebellion 1794
    resulted because of the tax which was placed on the whiskey backwoods farmers distilled to supplement their incomes
  10. tripolitan wars
  11. napoleonic wars
    consisted in large part of the british & french punishing each other by issuing decrees that would blockade trade into one another's ports
  12. battle of tippecanoe
    took place prior to war of 1812
  13. battle of new orleans
    general andrew jackson thwarted the UK attempt to control the MS river
  14. nat turner's rebellion 1831
    led by a virginia slave, this uprising resulted in the deaths of over 50 whites & the retaliatory killings of 100s of slaves
  15. battle of bull run 1861
    confederate troops were ready for the oncoming federal attack
  16. second battle of bull run 1862
    general lee took advantage of the change in union leadership in the east to engage union troops at manassas
  17. battle of antietam 1862
    union general mcclellan (who had prior knowledge) cut confederate general lee off at this battle
  18. battle of gettysburg 1863
    deadliest & most important battle of the civil war
  19. communist revolution 1917
    bolsheviks overthrew the provisional government of russia & pledged to destroy capitalism
  20. boxer rebellion 1899-1901
    sought to remove all foreigners from china by force
  21. the spanish-american war 1898
    began in spanish colony the philippines
  22. teller amendment
    mckinley added this amendment to the declaration of war against the spanish
  23. d-day (june 6, 1944)
    aka operation overlord
  24. battle of the bulge (december 1944)
    this battle took place in belguim
  25. v-e day (may 7, 1945)
    the day allies claimed victory in europe
  26. v-j day (august 14, 1945)
    the day allies claimed victory in japan
  27. pearl harbor (december 7, 1941)
    the day the entire US pacific fleet was attacked at this place in hawaii
  28. yom kippur war 1973
    this war broke out in october that year between israel & the coalition of syria/egypt
  29. december 7 1941
    date of pearl harbor
  30. june 6 1944
    date of d-day
  31. may 7 1945
    date of v-e day
  32. august 14 1945
    date of v-j day
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