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  1. rate of teen delinquency
    • 17% of arrest are teens
    • 8% of the popullation
    • almost every teen has done something illegal at some point in their life.
  2. Characterisitics of teen depression
    sad fustrated, hopless about the future, loss of pleasure in activites, distrubance in sleep, appetite, concentration and energy
  3. Teens meaning of friendship
    Closer knit group of friends with mutual openness, and support
  4. Parent child conflicts
    mild conflict arises faciliates adoslecents identy development, and antonomy by helping family members express and tolerate disagreement.
  5. Warning signs of sucide
    putting affairs in order, wishing they were dead, withdrawal from friends and social activites, random emotional burst, not caring/ about anything and apperance, changes in mood, sleep, appitete and physhical complinets.
  6. teens who immgrated from collective cultures
    Parent's have high focus on obience and family life, it's hard when teens branch out and away from their family net to their social life and form their own view points.
  7. The search for identy
    Figuring out who you are, what you want to do and what your morals are in life.
  8. Identy Achivement.
    searched and committed to goals and morals
  9. Identy forecloser
    Commited to choice that wasn't made by themselves.
  10. moratorium
    actively searching for an answer
  11. Identy defussion
    not committed, not searching, just letting it be as is.
  12. self eesetem change in adoslence
    low at first but as close friendship, romance and job status increase so does their self eesteem.
  13. process of identy formation
    search, question, expirement.
  14. Erikson's view on a teen that is shallow with no sense of direction
    they are in identy confusion and if they don't engage in the search they will not live a happy fulfilled life.
  15. "Who Am I"
    what are your goals, morals, and beliefs, how do you want to live your life?
  16. % of high school students that graduate
  17. high school jobs and outcomes
    usually limited to menual task that rarely advance their knowledge, students who spend a lot of time at this job are likely to drop out
  18. academic failure and dropping out
    eight percent of students drop out of h.s.
  19. research evidence on school testing
    negatively effects educational quality and students learning,
  20. media multitasking results
    it fragments attention, yeilding superficial learning and multi taskers have difficulty filtering out irrelevent stimuli
  21. most beneifcial child rearing style
  22. risks after a school transition
    poor self eestem, motivation, and achievement
  23. personal fable contributes to
    someone thinking that bad things can't happen to them
  24. teenager as the focus of everyones attention
    imaginary audience
  25. formal operational skills
    the ability to use symbols and word problems that may not represent the real world to solve problems
  26. Pendulum problem
    what effects the swing of a pendulum, how creative one can get in solving that question
  27. hypothetical deuctive reasoning
    when faced with a problem they start with hypothesis, or predictions about variables that might effact the outcome from which they deduce logical testable inferences, then systematicly isolate and combine varibles to see which of these are comfirmed in the real world
  28. STD that disappears on its own without treatment
  29. where do must teens learn about sex
  30. leading cause of death among teens
    car accidents
  31. bulimia
    stricted dieting, binge eating, puking, and use laxatives
  32. treatment for anorixa
    hospitalization, family therapy, and medication to reduce anexity
  33. how can the family improve a teen's diet?
    frequent family meals promits fruit and vetagbles
  34. Eating disorders
    teens who reach prubity early that live in homes where weight and being thin are higher at risk for eating disorders
  35. what is the most common adolsence nuritional deficiency
  36. early maturing
    going through it first, not knowing what to expect but getting it over with quickly
  37. late maturing
    wondering what is wrong with youu
  38. parent adolesent disagreements
    may happen often but should be rare.
  39. prepartion for puberty
    body aches and pains
  40. average age of menarche in US
    11 1/2
  41. Primary sexual characterisitics
    period, semen in sperm
  42. growth pattern during puberty
    10 inches 40 pounds
  43. age of growth spurt
    • girls 10
    • boys 12
  44. signs of puberty
    growing taller, heavier, voice deepening, physical changes
  45. girls/boys entry into adolesence
    • Girls merchae -first period
    • boys spermarch 1rst sperm filled ejaucation
  46. characteristics of adolenses
    hormones, growth spurts, sexual activity.
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