Zoology Test # 16

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  1. Monotremata
    Meaning: single hole

    -Egg laying (oviparous)

    Ex) Mammals: Duck-billed platypus, echidnas
  2. Didelphimorphia
    Meaning: two uterus form

    • ex) American opossums
    • -characterized by abdominal pouch
  3. Diprotodontia
    Meaning: two front teeth

    Ex) Koalas, wombats, possums, wallabies, kangaroos
  4. Tubulidentata
    Meaning: tube, tooth

    Ex) aardvark, piglike body
  5. Proboscidea
    Meaning: Elephant's Trunk, from pro, before to feed

    Ex) Elephants, largest living land animals
  6. Hyracoidea
    Meaning: Shrew

    Ex) Hyraxes--coneys
  7. Sirenia
    Meaning: Sea Nymph

    ex) sea cows and manatees

    -large, clumsy aquatic animals
  8. Cingulata
    Meaning: Belt

    • ex) armadillos
    • -insectivorous mammals with small peglike teeth and belt like bands of armor.
  9. Pilosa
    Meaning: hairy

    ex) sloths, anteaters

    toothless mammals that use long tongues to feed on ants and termites
  10. Primates
    Meaning: first

    Ex) prosimains, monkeys, apes, humans

    -first among animals in brain development
  11. Lagomorpha
    Meaning: hare form

    Ex) rabbits, hares, pikas
  12. Rodentia
    Meaning: to gnaw

    ex) gnawing mammals: squirrels, rats, woodchucks
  13. Soricomorpha
    Meaning: shrew form

    Ex) shrews and moles

    -sharp snouted animals
  14. Chiroptera
    Meaning: hand, wing

    ex) bats
  15. Carnivora
    Meaning: Flesh to devour

    -flesh eating mammals

    Ex) dogs, wolves, cats, bears, weasels, sea lions, walruses
  16. Pholidota
    Meaning: Horny scale

    Ex) pangolins, animals with bodies covered with overlapping horny scales
  17. Perissodactyla
    Meaning: Odd toe

    Odd-toed hoofed mammals: horses, asses, zebras, tapirs, rhinoceroses
  18. Artiodactyla
    Meaning: Even toe

    ex) even-toed hoofed mammals: swine, camels, deer and their allies, giraffes, hippoptamus, antelopes, cattle, sheep, goats
  19. Cetacea
    Meaning: Whale

    Ex) Whales, dolphins, porpoises
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