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  1. LOVE
    Linguistics of Visual English
  2. MCE
    Manually Coded English
  3. CASE
    Conceptually Accurate Signed English
  4. PSE
    Pigeon Sign English
  5. SEE 1
    Seeing Essential English
  6. SEE 2
    Signed Exact English
  7. ASL
    American Sign Language
  8. HVO
    High Visual Orientation
  9. NAD
    - National Association of the Deaf
  10. RID
    Registry for interpreters of the Deaf
  11. NIC
    National Interpreting Certificate
  12. LRE
    Least Restrictive Environment
  13. ADA
    American with Disabilities Act
  14. IEP
    Interpreter Education Programs
  15. FAPE
    - Free Appropriate Public Education
  16. EIPA
    Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment
  17. CI
    Certificate of Interpretation
  18. CT
    Certificate of Transliteration
  19. CIT
    - Conference of Interpreters Trainers
  20. CSC
    Comprehensive Skills Certificate
  21. CDI-
    - Certified Deaf Interpreter
  22. NMS
    Non Manuel Signals
  23. WFD
    World Federation Of the Deaf
  24. DARS
    Department Assistive and Rehabilitative Services
  25. BEI
    - Board of Evaluation of Interpreters
  26. ARD
    Admission, Review, and Dismissal
  27. SSS
    Sign Supported Speech
  28. TRS
    Teachers Retirement System
  29. VRI
    Video Remote Interpreting/ Video Relay Interpreting
  30. NAOBI
    National Alliance of Black Interpreters
  31. TSID
    Texas Society Of Interpreters for the Deaf
  32. GHID
    Greater Houston Interpreters for the Deaf
  33. HAPI
    Hearing Aid Performance Inventory
  34. ASLTA
    American Sign Language Teachers Associations
  35. CODA
    - Child Of Deaf Adult
  36. SODA
    -Siblings Of Deaf Adult/American
  37. DAW
    Deaf Awareness Week
  38. DPHH
    Deaf Professional Happy Hour
  39. HBDA
    Houston Black Deaf Advocates
  40. NBDA
    National Black Deaf Advocates
  41. BDO
    Big Day Out
  42. IDEA
    Individuals With Disability Education Act 29
  43. MSSD
    Model Secondary School for the Deaf
  44. NTD
    National Theatre of the Deaf
  45. AADB
    American Association of the Deaf and Blind
  46. AACI
    Advanced Audio Codec Interface/ Austrian Association Of Court Interpreters
  47. ACET
    Association for Compensatory Educators for Texas
  48. AGBAD
    - Alexandar Graham Bell Association for the Deaf
  49. ALDA
    - Association for Late Deafen Adults
  50. AVLIC
    Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada
  51. NTID
    National Technical Institute For the Deaf
  52. OIC
    Oral Interpreter Certificate
  53. QA
    Questions and Answers
  54. RSI
    Repetitive Strain Injury
  55. SC: L
    Specialist Certificate: Legal
  56. SIG
    Special Interest Group
  57. VR
    - Video Relay
  58. VRS
    Video Relay Services
  59. DC-S
    Digital Comparator Segment
  60. DHHS
    Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
  61. Expansion
    a technique expanding on examples
  62. bi-bi
    focuses on ASL more than any other subject
  63. Source language
    language of the original message
  64. Target language
    language into which is interpreted in
  65. Back channeling
    consumers feedback on the understanding of the vocabulary
  66. Chunking
    process that involves dividing a message into meaningful limits
  67. Closure
    finishing what is said
  68. Code-switching
    being unconscious and conscious in movement from English to Asl
  69. Frozen register
    fixed information or texted
  70. Consultative register
    changing from expert to enhanced on a topic
  71. Intimate register
    when people communicate with people they known previously
  72. Informal register
    when have equal status and casually communicate personally
  73. Formal register
    type of language used when speaking a large group.
  74. Consecutive interpreting
    after a thought idea is said then interpret to target language
  75. Simultaneous interpreting
    - interpreting the target and source language at the same time
  76. Cued speech
    sign language that involves hand and mouth shapes to communicate
  77. Dynamic equivalence
    maintains connections between audience and speaker
  78. Gloss-
    - term that are used to refer to written form of English
  79. HVO
    person with a developmental disability with no language skills
  80. Lexical borrowing
    taking a word from a language incorporating into a recipient language
  81. Message equivalence
    – it focuses on equivalency of both languages the message is delivered
  82. Initialized signs
    a word that is a sign with a hand shape that go with the fingerspelling
  83. 5 parameters
    - hand shape, movement, location, orientation and non- manual signs
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