GCSE History

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  1. the government did not interfere in the economy or impose high taxes on buisnessmen this allowed more
    of the profits to be re-invested into the buisness
  2. what were the strengths of the US economy in the 1920's
    • new industries were doing well, especially cars and electrical goods
    • spin-off industries from the manufacture of cars prospered
    • the stock market was making profits
    • the government did not interfere in the economy or impose high taxes on buisnessmen
  3. the stock market was making profits . as people invested in companies this provided
    the companies with more money to build up their buisness even further
  4. why did the USA fall into depression in 1929
    • because there were underlying preoblems throught the 1920's , which meant that prosperity would come to an end
    • these problems includde unequal distribution of wealth , overproduction , republican policies , tariff controls and the collapse of finacial markets
  5. as we have seen , despite the economic boom of the 1920's , there was a great deal of
    poverty in the USA . The majority of the population was poor . Older industries did not share in this prosperity , so miners and textile workers suffered
  6. farmers and sharecroppers were suffering . Even when congress passed a bill by which -------------------------------------- , president ....... twice voted it on th grounds that it may encourage farmers to increase the production and so make the problem worst
    • the government would have bought up farmers' surplus crops
    • Coolidge
  7. by ...... , millions of farmers and farm labourers were out of work
  8. wages did not rise in proportion to ........
  9. average profits rose .....% but wages only rose ......% , so this led to great ....... .
    • 72
    • 8
    • inequality
  10. ....... of personal income was earnt by the top ......% of wealthy Americans .
    • 1/3
    • 5
  11. it was generally believed that the industrial boom would gradually filter through the
    poor and improve their position . At the same time however , prices were kept high by agreemenys between buisnessmen
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