chapter 28

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  1. what is an oogonium? at what point in a females life will they be present?
    (stem cells of females)begins before a womens birth 3rd and seventh months of fetal development.(diploid)
  2. does oogonium undergo meiosis or mitosis
  3. what is produced as a result of oogonium cell division? what will happen to those cells?
    primary oocytes (diploid)that prepair to undergo meiosis(hault) until puberty(fsh triggers ovarian cycle)
  4. result after the primary oocyte division
    secondary oocyte gives u haploid
  5. will the haploid cells of the secondary oocycte fully mature
  6. at what point in meiosis will secondary oocytes pause?
    it pauses in meiosis2 until fertilization occurs
  7. where will primordial follicles be found
    primary oocyte and its follicle cells.begining at puberty(activated to join other follicles)
  8. at what point do primordial follicles mature into primary follicles
    ovarian phase follicular cells enlarge,divide,and form several layers of cells around the growing primary oocyte
  9. in which kind of follicle will meiosis 1 complete
    secondary follicle
  10. whats the purpose of corpus luteum
    • empty graafian follicle collapses to form corpus luteum corpus luteum begins to secrete progesterone and
    • some estrogen prepairing the uterius for implantation by (secreting progesterone)
  11. which component of the endometrium is shed during menstration?
    Functional Zone
  12. endometrium regenerate.
    Basilar Zone cells divide to replace the tissue lost from the functional zone
  13. maturation of secondary follicles into tertiary follicles caused by what hormone?
  14. effect of inhibin on secretion of fsh
    As those follicles develop levels of inhibin increase and this will cause a decrease in the secretion of FSH
  15. the secretion of estrogen affect LH secretion
    • Maturing Follicles begin to release estrogen
    • @low blood levels estrogen will inhibit LH(keeps it from ovulating too soon.)
  16. what affect an increase in LH will have on the luteal phase of the ovarian cycle
    • Increase in LH causes1completion of meiosis one
    • 2rupture of follicle wall3ovulation4formation of corpus luteum*secretesprogesterone*thicken/maintain uterine lining if no pregnancy,corpus lutuem lasts about 12days then degenerates
  17. which hormone will maintain the endometrial lining
  18. where do sperm mature
    seminiferous tubules
  19. how do spermatogonium divide
  20. primary speratocytes
  21. what is produced when primary spermatocytes go thru cell division
    1 spermatocyte divide to produce two 2 spermatocytes @ end of meiosis 1 (haploid) 23chromosomes
  22. secondary spermatocytes divide to produce
    meiosis 2-this produces 4 haploid spermatids
  23. what will happen to the daughter cells from spermatogonium
    primary spermatocyte divide by meiosis two spermatogonium 2n divide by meiosis 1 -1 spermatocyte
  24. pathway of sperm
    • vTestis
    • vEpididymis
    • vDuctus deferens
    • vEjaculatory duct
    • vUrethra
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