chapter 19, tuberculosis

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  1. slow developing bacterial lung infection causing progressive necrosis of lung tissue
    pulmonary tuberculosis
  2. Who are high risk individuals for TB
    • homeless
    • anyone living in crowded insanitary condition
    • nursing home residents
    • prisoners
    • alcoholics& drug users
    • immunocompromised
    • AIDS
    • anyone
  3. what is the causitive agent of TB
    mycobacterium tuberculosis
  4. Describe mycobacterium tuberculosis
    • acid-fast bacilli(red)
    • waxy capsule(makes more resistant)
    • aerobic
  5. how is TB transmitted
  6. what is the generation time for mycobacterium tuberculosis
    18 hours
  7. first infection of TB in a person who was unexposed and unsensitized
    primary TB
  8. in the primary infection the pathogen gets inhaled all the way down to
    bronchioles or alveoli
  9. asymptomatic except for positive skin test would occur during what type of TB
  10. what is the pathophysiology of TB
    • primary infection
    • M.tuberculosis phaygocytized
    • bacteria survive
    • inflammatory response
    • granuloma formation/tuberacle
    • caseation necrosis
    • dormant state
    • reinfection
    • caviation
  11. clump of bacteria that is surronded by inflammatory cells and scar tissue
  12. infected tissue in tubercule die
    caseation necrosis
  13. first lesion of primary TB
    Gohn's lesion
  14. where would you find Gohn's lesions
    lungs and lymph nodes
  15. what are the signs and symptoms of primary TB
    • no symptoms
    • positive TB skin test
    • gohn's lesion in x-ray
  16. what are the signs and symptoms of secondary or reinfection of TB
    • fatigue
    • anorexia
    • weight loss
    • low fever, night sweats
    • productive cough
    • hemoptysis
    • chest pain
  17. what are the diagnostic test for TB
    • skin test
    • x-ray
    • sputum culture
  18. what are the 2 type of TB skin test
    • mantoux
    • tine
  19. intradermal injection of TB antibodies
  20. multiple puncture test for TB
  21. what are the complications of TB
    • miliary TB
    • pluerisy
    • pneumonia
  22. what is the treatment for TB
    • drug therapy,6mnths-1yr
    • INH & Rifampin or
    • INH & Ethambutol
  23. what is the prognosis for TB
    • good with early detection and antibiotic therapy
    • miliary TB = poor
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