Chinese Grammer pts for final

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  1. 反而
    Adverb, On the contrary; surprisingly
  2. 就是。。。也
    even if smt smt still smt
  3. 只是,就是
    • used when pointing out a minor detail that makes something stand out like
    • 他这个人好是好,就是他是高
    • he is a good person just that he's too tall
  4. 对他/她来说
    as far as he/she is concerned
  5. 至于
    as far as that specific aspect...
  6. 要么。。。 要么
    if its not A, its B; either...or...
  7. the differnce between 又 and 再
    • 又 took place already
    • 再 has not taken place yet
  8. 要是。。。的话
    • if you want to do smt
    • subject 要是verb(phrase)的话verb(phrase)
  9. 最 不过了
    • smt is the best and nothing can surpass it
    • 最 adj subject/noun w/e 不过了
  10. 一直
    always, continously
  11. 最好
    the best
  12. 稍微
    a little bit; somewhat slightly. it usually precedes an adjetive which is then folowed by 一点儿
  13. 以来
  14. differnce between 才and 就
    • 才used for late, (until)
    • 就 used for early
  15. 听(看)起来。。。好像
    to seem like, look like
  16. 跟 一样
    • 跟 smt smt 一样
    • the same as...
  17. 越来越
    more and more
  18. 难怪
    no wonder
  19. 一边。。。一边
    to do smt at the same time doing smt else
  20. 难免
  21. 几乎
  22. 偶尔
  23. 多半
  24. always
  25. 除非
    (conditional) unless
  26. 曾经
    once, (adverb)
  27. 不是 就是
    if not this then its that
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