Unit 6

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  1. Whater are two indications for performing a contraction stress test?
    Maternal diabetes mellitus and postmaturity
  2. What does the nonstress test observe for
    Observes for fetal activity and an acceleration of the fetal heart rate to determine the well-being of the baby
  3. What is an assessment of fetal activity by the mother and is a simple but valuable method for monitoring the condition of the fetus
    daily fetal movement count
  4. what is a daignostic test that involves the use of sound having a higher frequency than that detectable by humans to examine structures inside the body
  5. what are the 2 forms of ultrasound that can be used
    • transvaginal
    • abdominal
  6. what is a noninvasive dynamic asessment of the fetus and its environment that is based on acute and chronic markers of fetal disease
    biohysical profile
  7. what is a noninvasive radiologic technique used for obstetric and gynecologic dx by providing excellent pictures of soft tissue w/o the use of ionizing radiation
  8. What is a prenatal diagnostic test that is performed to obtain amniotic fluid to examine the fetal cells it contains?
  9. What is the prenatal dianostic test that provides direct access to the fetal circulation during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters?
    Percutaneous Umbilical Blood Sampling (PUBS)
  10. What does PUBS test for
    inherited blood disorders, karyotyping of malformed fetuses, detection of fetal infection, determination of the acid-base status with IUGR and assessment of thrombocytopenia in the fetus
  11. what is a procedure that involves the removal of a small tissue speicmen from the fetal portion of the placenta. It reflects the genetic make-up of the fetus nd is performed b/t 10-12 weeks
    Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)
  12. What is used as a screening tool for neural tube defects in pregnancy, and performed b/t 16-18 weeks
    Maternal Serum AFP
  13. What is the test used to screen for down syndrome? Performed between 16-18 weeks
    • Triple Screen (Quad sreen done in WA)
    • levels tested are maternal serum AFP (if this is low more likely down syndrome), unconjugated estriol (if this is low more likely down syndrome, and hCG (if this is high more likely down syndrome)
    • Used in combination with maternal age to determine risk
  14. What is the screening test for Rh incompatibility by examining the serum of Rh negative women for Rh antibodies.
    Coombs test
  15. What is the test that is based on the fact that the HR of a healthy fetus with an intact CNS will usually accelerate in response to its own movement?
    Nonstress test
  16. What is the test that determines fetal response to sound; the expected response is accerlation of the fetal HR
    vibroacoustic stimulation
  17. What is the test used to identify the jeopardized fetus who is stable at rest but shows evidence of compromise when exposed to the stress of uterine contractions. If the resultant hypoxia of the fetus is sufficient, a deceleration of the FHR will result.
    Contraction stress test
  18. what are two methods used for the contraction stress test
    • nipple stimulation
    • oxytocin stimulation
  19. What are the 3 leading causes of maternal mortality in the U.S.
    • gestational HTN
    • PE
    • Hemorrhage
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