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  1. Tree tickles tree
    out falls Lime
  2. Tree opens a Door
    out jumps Elf
  3. Tree tosses Sticks
    to the Sun on Skates
  4. Tree goes to Heaven
    his Shoe hits the Sun
  5. Tree on Skates
    trips on his Shoe and falls out my Door
  6. Tree finds Lime
    his shoe kicks it to Heaven
  7. Tree helps Elf
    build a Tree house for Sticks
  8. Door builds Door
    the Sun gives him Sticks
  9. Door falls to Sticks
    a Shoe fixes Door
  10. Door goes to Heaven
    wearing a Shoe and a Skate
  11. Door on Skates
    chases Tree in Shoes
  12. Door juggles Limes
    while Tree juggles Sticks
  13. Dooor tosses Elf
    to Door on Skates
  14. Sticks tickle Sticks
    mama Tree hugs Sticks
  15. Sticks go to Heaven
    It's locked. He kicks the Door with his Shoe
  16. Sticks on Skates
    are pulled by Door on Skates
  17. Sticks toss Lime
    He smashes a Hive, it drips on Door
  18. Sticks watch Elf
    making Heaven's Shoe
  19. Heaven chases Heaven
    through Door and around Lime
  20. Heaven rains Sates
    they smash a Hive made of Sticks
  21. Heaven rains Limes
    they are caught by Sticks and Tree
  22. Heaven rains Elves
    they Skate over my Door
  23. Skate tosses Skate
    over Sticks and out my Door
  24. Skate covered in Limes
    loses wheels, now he's a Heavenly Shoes
  25. a Skate and an Elf
    play hocky. They use a Lime and Sticks
  26. Lime tickles Lime
    on a hot Skate on the Sun
  27. Lime asks Elf
    Hey! When's my break? One-O-Eight
  28. Keven asks Keven
    When will we grow up? When Twenty One
  29. Keven gives Elf
    a gift One Dirty Shoe
  30. Elf and Elf
    are scared. They Run For the Door
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