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  1. What is the internal cavity of all animals except flatworms called?
  2. Where is the psuedocoelom located between?
    between the endoderm and mesoderm
  3. what are the several reasons the evolutionary body cavity was an important improvement in an animal?
    circulation, movement, and organ function
  4. what is circulation?
    fluids within the body cavity that can function as circulatory system - per.itting the passage of mayerials from one part of the body to another
  5. what is movement?
    fluid in the body cavity makes the animal's body rigid. a rigid body offers resistance to contracting muscle cells l, enablong muscle-driven body movement.
  6. what is organ function?
    • body organs surrounded by a cavity can funtion without being distorted by surrounding muscles.
    • example: food can pass freely through a gut. the rate at which the food moves through the digestive tubeis not affected when the animal contracts its body muscles to move.
  7. How many guts do all psuedoceolomates have? How does food travel through the gut?
    One-way gut; food passes through the mouth and out the anus
  8. What does the fluid filled psuedoceolom serve as?
    A simple circulatory system in round worms
  9. What is the major improvement in body design of a psuedocoelom and what does it permit?
    Simple circulatory system; permits far greater specialized gut.
  10. What is the estimated number of nematode species?
  11. Where do most nematodes live?
    in the soil
  12. How many nematodes are in one spoonful?
    1 million
  13. What are some nematodes considered to be?
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