cognitive development- infant/toddler

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  1. reflexes
    birth to 1 month
  2. acquired adaptations; adapt reflexes to environment; primary circular reaction
    1-2 months
  3. baby's own body source of response; repetition of chance action
    primary circular reaction
  4. babies become more aware of others; secondary circular response
    4-8 months
  5. pepetition of actions that trigger responses in external environment
    secondary circular reaction
  6. object permanence but make AB erroe; hallmark of intentional behavior
    8-12 months
  7. goal directed behavior begins to appear; purposeful actions
    hallmark of intentional behavior
  8. use trial & error method; tertiary circular reaction
    12-18 months
  9. marked by variation in a given behavior
    tertiary circular reaction
  10. mental combinations (putting things together), representational thinking (needed for pretend play), deferred imitation (prtend about things they have experienced), pretending
    18-24 months
  11. maintains that children learn to talk through conditioning and reinforcement
    Learning Theory (Skinner)
  12. believes that children have an innate predisposition to learn language at a certain age; believs babies have an inborn understanding of the basic structure of language- called deep structure
    Structural View (Chomsky)
  13. particular vocabulary and grammar of language; does not have to be learned
    surface structure
  14. language aquisition device; innate human ability to learn language
  15. view that certain skills are "native" or hard-wired into the brain at birth
  16. involves the ways words are combined to form acceptable phrases and sentences
  17. refers to meaning of words and sentences
  18. kind of speech often often used by mothers or other adults to talk to babies- in high pitch with simple words
  19. rephrase what child says; often in a question
  20. restating, in linguistically sophosticated form, what a child said
  21. becomes part of baby's deliberate effort to communicate
  22. words the individual understands but cannot speak (6-9 months)
    receptive vocabulary
  23. use the same words for anything similar; i.e. all drinks are "milk"
  24. single word that expresses a complete thought
  25. use content words without grammatical markers like verbs or connectives ("Mommy no go")
    telegraphic speech
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