cognitive development- preschool

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  1. ages 2-4; child gains ability to mentall represent an object not present; drawings are imaginative; thought still flawed, not well organized; egocentrism; animism
    symbolic function stage
  2. inability to distinguish between one's own lifelike qualities and are capable of action
  3. belief that inanimate objects have lifelike qualities and are capable of action
  4. 4-7 years of age; children use primitive reasoning, seek answers to all sorts of questions; centration; conservation
    intuitive thought stage
  5. focusing attention on one characteristic to the
    exclusion of others
  6. realizes altering an objects substance does not change it quantitatively
  7. 1/2 of the statements made by preschool children are instances of egocentric speech; monologue; collective monologue
    Piaget's view of language development
  8. talk to themselves or others without waiting for
    response; self-talk that is egocentric and reflects immaturity
  9. 2 children have conversation but neither listens
    or responds to what the other says
    collective monologue
  10. children use speech for social communication and problem solving; Cognitive skills
    mediated by words, language and forms of discourse; private speech; zone of proximal development; scaffolding
    Vygotsky's view of language development
  11. overuse rules of grammar (i.e. "I runned")
  12. use of language for self-regulation
    private speech
  13. range of tasks too difficult to be mastered alone but learned with guidance and assistance of adults or more skilled children
    zone of priximal development
  14. means or guidance used to accomplish tasks
  15. use of appropriate conversation and the knowledge underlying the use of language in context
  16. two reasons for increase in preschool education
    maternal work patterns & research on child development
  17. best characteristics for prescool education
    low student-teacher ratio; staff with training and credentials; curriculum geared towards holistic development; organization of space and facilities
  18. the ability to attribute mental states to oneself and others and to understand that others have beliefs, desires, and intentions than one’s own
    theory of mind
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